Zari Says She Misses Diamond

Back together?

By  | Jul 05, 2021, 11:31 AM  | Zari Hassan  | Top of The

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Zari Hassan has caused a lot of mixed reactions after her recent post. Her post has got us wondering. Is she talking about Diamond Platnumz or her dark stallion? She publicly said that she missed someone. But she was let go because, according to her, the relationship was not building her. On her Instagram, she wrote:

I miss him, but I had to let him go. If it doesn’t build me, then I won’t keep it.

Do you think it is the dark stallion or king of Bongo Diamond Platnumz? Whoever it is, it seems like the boss lady has decided to let go of whoever it is. Stop! Let us be honest. Zari and her latest bae, who was only known as the dark stallion, seemed like such a fine couple! Zari once flooded her Instagram with photos of them, and we enjoyed every little bit of it. 

It is so obvious, and she can’t be talking about an ex from million years ago. So, there is a high possibility that she s talking about her dark stallion from Nigeria. The dark stallion and Zari dated for almost 5 months before the two decided to call it quits. When we heard the news that the two were no more in a relationship, it was such a huge blow to us. The dark stallion was such an upgrade from Diamond Platnumz. You might disagree with this, but I mean, there is a reason they nicknamed him the dark stallion. 

We knew things were up when Diamond visited South Africa last month. The singer said he was in Tanzania for his album, but fans could not notice how close they had been with Zari during that period. The two marked Eid in style. We could see Diamond’s hand across Zari’s shoulder from the photos, and that was our cue. These two need to clear up some things for the sake of our fans. 

Recently, Zari announced that she has an upcoming reality show on Netflix that will give their fans a glimpse of her life. Within a short period of time, Diamond also announced that he would also have a reality show. Could this be one show or two separate shows? Are they back together? There are so many questions pending. The businesswoman deleted all the photos she had with the dark stallion, which says a lot. On her Instagram, she could hide her happiness about the new show. She wrote: 

Born in Uganda. Flourishing in Mzansi. Now we’re taking over Netflix! See me bossing it up on @netflixsa and @naijaonnetflix's first-ever African reality show, coming soon! #YoungFamousAndAfrican

Before Diamond Platnumz, Zari dated the late Ivan Semwanga, who was a Ugandan businessman. They had three sons. They called it quits, and she started dating Diamond, of which, in 2018, they called it quits. 

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