Zari Reveals Why She In Tanzania With Diamond

Many think that the two are back together...

By  | Nov 06, 2020, 11:44 AM  | Zari Hassan  | Top of The

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Many have been speculating that since Zari is visiting her baby daddy, they are sleeping together. However, the Ugandan businesswoman has come out to address this speculation.

Zari says that it has been 2 years since Diamond saw his kids, so she had to take them to daddy for quality time together.

‘There is a lot happening on social media but for me, I just brought the kids because the father wants to see them. He couldn’t travel to Tanzania because he is held up. He really missed the kids and it has been two years. It's understandable,’ Zari said.
Contrary to what people have been speculating, the two are actually co-parenting. Zari took a step to explain what co-parenting means. She feels that many African societies do not understand what co-parenting means.

‘There’s one thing about Africans…we don’t understand what co-parenting is. I can still come here even if he has somebody else because this is my kids’ home regardless of what happened between us because we’re co-parenting," she added.

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This is a stark contrast to the Diamond and Tanasha relationship. Ever since they broke up, Tanasha hasn’t shown interest in co-parenting with Diamond. This is despite the fact that Diamond plans to leave wealth for all of his children.

Tanasha has resolved to let Jamal Gadaffi, who is already married, to be a father figure for his son Naseeb.

Here’s a photo of Diamond hanging out with his kids; it has warmed the hearts of many:

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