Zari Proves Diamond Is Her Only Choice

Says she is his biggest supporter

By  | Jun 26, 2021, 02:59 PM  | Zari Hassan  | Top of The

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If baby mamas were to ever take a leaf off someone, it would be South African based socialite, Zari Hassan.

She has proved that despite partying ways with her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz, she can still maintain a cordial relationship. If you ask me, Zari should be a role model for the many bitter mamas out there.

Not to say that she’s perfect and she hasn’t made any mistakes – either way, she’s learnt from her past mistakes and come out bigger. She went through the phase that all baby mamas usually go through when they break up with their baby daddies but she quickly snapped out of it and rose above it. 

And unlike Diamond’s other baby mamas who are still stuck up and bitter, Zari has moved on like the boss lady she is. She even has a whole man, unlike the rest who are still hoping for second chances.

Well, Zari has today, Saturday, become the first of Diamond’s baby mama to wish him the best of luck in his BET nomination. 

“Good luck with BET. Inshallah,” wrote Zari on a picture of Diamond that she posted on her Instagram stories.

This comes only a few weeks after Zari left Tanzania with her kids and spending time with Diamond. The two spent quality time together at Diamond’s house with their two kids much to many people’s amazement over how their relationship has evolved.

Diamond’s nomination for the BET has come with its own share of drama. Just recently, the internet was set ablaze after a section of Tanzanian’s called for Diamond’s disqualification from the BET nomination through a petition that was signed by thousands of netizens.

Zari’s latest post is a confirmation that she actually wants Diamond to win unlike the rest of his baby mamas.

And there’s good reason for that though. Of all the baby mamas Diamond has, Zari, for some reason always seems to get special treatment from Diamond and even Tanzanians.

On her latest trip to Zanzibar, for example, she was welcomed by a convoy of vehicles and lots of paparazzi. Not to mention that she is the only baby mama to have entered and ridden in Diamond’s new customized Cadillac Escalade sky captain edition, one of the most expensive vehicles in the world.

We’re not trying to say that Diamond clearly has a favourite but it’s pretty evident from how the rest of the baby mamas are treated. 

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