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Zari just got herself a sexy new German beast of a car and I'm not gonna lie, I definitely would like a ride with the Germans. Vumbi inanimaliza hii jiji.

Zari's ex-husband, Diamond Platnumz recently showed off his Rolls Royce Cullinan and we all went crazy drooling over the beast of a car. At the time he announced that his "container" had landed, it looked like it was a direct response to the fact that Forbes had not ranked him in the list of African millionaire musicians.

In fact, Akothee was said to be twice as wealthy as him and he was livid about that but that is a story for another day -or just click here and enjoy it. He has since gone on a spending spree to dispel the allegations that he is faking it till he makes it to the rich list.

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Back to Zari Hassan, the single mother of 5 revealed that she has been hard at work ensuring the business her now deceased ex-husband Ivan Ssemwanga left her to manage is doing well and growing stronger. And indeed, she has even been advertising the Brooklyn City Colleges on her IG account to her over 9 million followers.

And that is if you ever wonder how she can afford her luxurious and opulent lifestyle. It is all down to the fact that she is a real businesswoman. And boy does she have a penchant for only the finest things life has to offer.

And the car adds to Zari Hassan adds to her growing car collection of vehicles that include a baby blue Bentley, a snow-white Range Rover and now this impressive German behemoth of a luxury car, which is a Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class Coupe. The vehicle retails for roughly Ksh 7.7 million before taxes are added to this base price which would roughly double the asking price once it gets to the port of Mombasa.

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Zari also has a palate for fine wines and is a champagne connoisseur and a constant feature at South Africa's luxury goods boutiques although she was recently revealed to have been sold fake Gucci merchandise.

But beyond that, she often splurges on her children and ensures they get a taste of the good life. She recently hosted a huge birthday party for her only daughter, her firstborn child by Diamond Platnumz, Lattifah Dangote, commonly referred to as Princess Tiffah and my oh my! Was it an event to behold!

The party was professionally themed and decorated with balloons of the young one's favourite colours all over the place and Tiffah was indeed the princess for the day complete with a resplendent tiara on her head. Before this, Diamond Platnumz himself had flown into Jozi and while here he enjoyed a week's vacation with his two children, Tiffah and her brother Nilan as well as the other boys.

The Week that was included them going on game drives and even riding a helicopter. And the children were indeed really happy to be able to enjoy what little time they had with their father and we were so happy to see Zari Hassan facilitate that bonding time.

After that, he taught them how to dance and sing along to some of his more child-friendly songs as Zari either watched or joined in. All the while, the two tots were trapped in the finest wear money could buy. And why not? Their mother is the queen of everything fancy.

As I look at the life Zari Hassan leads as well as the big cars she drives, I can't help but realize just how cramped my lowly, beat-up Nissan will feel on my crawl back home.

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