Zari Hassan Celebrates Birthday In Style

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By  | Sep 23, 2021, 11:50 AM  | Zari Hassan  | Top of The

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Zari Hassan is marking her new year in style! Zari is turning 41 years old today and it’s hard to believe it! I mean the mother of five looks nothing past 35! Man, some of us are here at 25 and we look like a train wreck! Zari needs to share some of her anti-aging tips. Is it a man Zari? Is it being single that’s making you glow like this? If that’s it then, I shouldn’t be blamed for what I am going to do next.

Zari seems to be like she is really excited about her new age! She is just like me. I love birthdays, do you? She posted her photo wearing a brown dress with sort of feathery stuff around the shoulder area. Her hair was perfectly done as always! Oh! Don’t let me start with the makeup. It was on fleek and as usual, she looked beautiful. She captioned the pic she is about to enter a new chapter in her life and the good things that God is going to do in her life.

Vera celebrated her birthday week doing charity work in Gauteng in South Africa. From the photos she shared, she got to spend time at a place that looked like a children’s home. Honestly, we have to give it up for Zari, it was so thoughtful of her to celebrate her birthday week like this. Most celebs would probably be on vacations somewhere but for mama Tiffah, she decided to celebrate hers the way she did. I am not judging anyone, we get to make life decisions and we shouldn’t be judged because of that right?

Now that South Africa has become Diamond’s second home, do you think he will show up tonight? Assuming that’s when the party will be held. Or maybe over the weekend. We are yet to see if he is going to publicly wish Zari a happy birthday in public. What about mama Dangote? Do you think she will tag along? She and Zari seem to be getting along just fine thanks to the videos and photos that she shares on her social media.

Zari is currently single. At least that is what she would like us to believe. There might be someone or not. After breaking up with her dark stallion, her followers speculated that she is back together with Diamond. So will she have a plus one in her party or she will just show up solo- at her own party- like a boss, that she is!

Do you think there will be more? Or that’s it for Zari’s birthday? Just one photo on Instagram? I highly doubt it! Her daughter, Tiffah turned seven years just the other day, and did you see photos from her party? Hehh, even I have never thrown such a party all the twenty-five years I have been on this eath. Pretty sure something will go down tonight. Of course, Zari isn’t going to celebrate her birthday only with one post and that’s it? I am pretty sure tonight is going to be a movie. Happy birthday Zari Hassan! 

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