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Her secret hobby

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Everybody knows her as thee boss lady in every single building she enters.
With her flamboyance, the tens of luxury cars, her yachts, her humongous mansion.

What many do not know is that even will all the panache surrounding the boss lady, Zari Hassan happens to have a rather different kind of hobby.
Yes, she is always cad in designer and she is always on her way to making big money moves, but her secret hobby has been known to be taking small excursions to people that are less fortunate and providing for them!
Just now, Zari has taken to her Instagram account to share with her fans what she was going on a trip to South Africa.
In the videos, she revealed that she was on her way to Soshanguve in South Africa where she was going to visit an orphanage that she had been secretly working with since February, describing the condition of the place saying that it was in Winter over there. She then went on to say that they have been experiencing a level 4 lockdown (it wouldn't allow people to work non-remote jobs) saying that e everybody over there was starving and suffering under the conditions and she felt their pain.
She continued by saying that she was on her way there because she wanted to spread the love by giving them food supplies and clothing supplies that would see them through the winter.

Many have come to see her as a woman that seems very stuck on her ways of just getting and spending big amounts of money seemingly without a care for those that lack but she has proven that once in a while she removes from her own pocket and shares with the less fortunate people.
Just the other day Zari took on another big feat. She was keen on attaining the role of becoming Tanzania's ambassador of tourism and she was ordained and today she is on her way to give back to people who do not have any help from their own governments.
It's simple speculation but she might also just be doing it to take the attention from what her daughter princess Tiffah said just yesterday. Her daughter was on her instgram stories when she revealed that she wanted to talk about her parents who were *still in love* and still very much together.
This came literally days after her and her Black stallion broke up and the rumours of Diamond and his new Bae started dying down as well leading to heavy speculations that they had been spending a lot of time together, leading to her daughter blurting that out!

It could work as a divergence, but it is more than likely to fail miserably because the videos are already all over the internet and people have already speculated and judged!
However, it is now more than obvious why her people admire her so much because, in as much as she receives, she gives as well. Kudos to the Boss Lady!
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