Zari Finally Speaks About Her Son Being Gay

Who do we believe?

By  | Jan 08, 2021, 03:08 AM  | Zari Hassan  | Top of The

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Popular businesswoman Zari Hassan’s also known as the Boss lady’s second-born son Raphael Junior has admitted that he is a member of the LGBTQ community.

Raphael made the revelation live Instagram’s session in which he wrote,

” I’m coming out.”

As he came out the young lad made a request to people not to judge him for who is he is but to accept him the way he is.

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His revelation has helped speculations that have been hovering around about his gay status which started way back in 2019.

The allegations were first made In June 2019 by Kenyan gay socialite Robettah who claimed that Zari’s son was gay after he allegedly sexually disrespected him.

“Zari’s son is gay, end of the discussion,” said Robettah.

“How much?” I feel disrespected,” he added.

However, Zari has come out to defend the young boy saying her second-born son made such bold admission to keep off older women who were filling his DM with nude photos daily.

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 Zari maintained that her son was straight and had a girlfriend.

“He has a girlfriend, he is tired of old women who keep texting  and asking him for money, he is tired of it. Maybe it was a good thing to say he is gay. Now you all will chill and leave him alone,” 

she added.

Is the socialite ashamed of having a gay son or is she telling the truth? Is her son really gay or is he trying to get rid of the thirsty women in his DMs? We do not know who to believe. 

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