Zari Blasts Fan Who Questioned Her Religious Beliefs

Don't take panadol for her headache

By  | Sep 28, 2021, 01:50 PM  | Zari Hassan  | Top of The

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If you are going to come at Zari Hassan in any way, just make sure you have a great comeback because the mother of five is usually ready to pounce on anyone who dares come her way. So Zari just posted a beautiful photo of herself wearing white, with a pair of heels and oh, her hair, perfectly done, as always. Now, one fan had a problem with how she captioned the photo. She had a verse, Isaiah 41;13, as her caption. One fan asked her whether she is Muslim or Christian, she went on to add that hakumuelewa. You think mama Tee was going to keep quiet about this comment, wrong, she went on and told her follower to worry about themselves. Just like Davido sang, she warned the follower to stop taking panadol for her headache.

Just because Zari wishes people happy Eid every year doesn’t mean she is Muslim. Or at least, you shouldn’t just take it as her religion. That is my opinion. Why? Because even I would post pics in hijabs or saris. I would wish my Muslim brothers and sisters a  happy eid but does that make me a Muslim? No. I think what we have been doing is assuming that she is. Well, for all those who say she is Muslim, you too have a point, the truth is, ever since we have known Zari, she comes out as a Muslim, but that does not mean anything. If she came across a bible verse that was inspiring her, she should be free to post it without anyone making a fuss or a big deal out of it.
Zari is one celebrity who is never too shy to speak her mind. If you come at her, she comes at you too. She is not your average celebrity. A good number of them normally decide to keep quiet about an issue but not Zari. Not today, not tomorrow. And funny thing, that is among the things she is known for. Clapping back when it is needed, and that is why she is the queen of clap backs. She doesn’t just clap back when it is matters concerning her alone, she defends her kids as well. A good example is when his son sparked gay rumors and Zari had to spare some time and went live on Instagram to defend her son, as a good mother should!

It is 2021, are people still debating about religion? Isn't this a free world? Aren't we supposed to worship the God that we believe in? Is that too much to ask? Isn't that enough already? I might be celebrating my friends, and their religion, that doesn’t mean anything and it shouldn’t confuse you. It’s Zari’s Instagram, she is allowed to post whatever she wants with no questions whatsoever. It’s high time Zari’s followers learned that Zari doesn’t always stay silent. If she feels like your comment requires a reply, then best believe that she is going to serve you with whatever you deserve.

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