Is This Zari Hassan's New Man?

'He'll love her always'

By  | Sep 24, 2021, 09:18 AM  | Zari Hassan  | Top of The

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Zari Hassan celebrated her 41st birthday yesterday and so many people came out to wish the mother of five a happy birthday and I literally waited for that birthday wish from- you know who. But he didn’t! what a bummer! But wait, we actually got something better! So we have a new guy you guys. He is called Frederick Nuamah and he is a music and movie producer from Ghana. One thing that I already know about Frederick is, mans can pour his heart out! Girl, did you see that birthday wish post? Talk about you are a freaking amazing woman, I don’t even know where to begin and then he said it, Happy birthday my love! Yaani all I ever got from my boyfriend on my birthday was a simple happy birthday baby text! And here is Frederick! Spent almost an hour wishing Zari a happy birthday. Who knows? Maybe Zari hasn't given him the green light yet. But then, it’s the effort for me. Men need to take note of Frederick's efforts. 

Then Zari’s reply- Will always love you. I can feel this from the bottom of my heart! Heh, okay, okay. Frederick seems like a happy soul. In almost all his pictures, he is wearing this big smile and his teeth girl, his teeth, so bright like my future! Lol! Have I talked about his beard? Ah, what is it with ladies and men with beards? He likes to wear suits. As seen from his posts. The colour doesn’t matter as long as it is a suit! When he is not in suits, he is into polo shirts and t-shirts, and again his beautiful smile to go hand in hand with his outfit. He also graced the cane festival in 2012! It seems like Frederick is such a big shot in Ghana in terms of film production. 

Something else to note about him is that he has a 3 year old son. But is that a problem really? Nope! Zari had three sons when he met Diamond. Tell me they didn’t have something beautiful. Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you can't find love and make it beautiful with somebody else. So don’t worry about that Frederick, son or not, we are still rooting for you. After that long birthday wish, you have become our favorite person now. We don’t want anyone else. 

Zari Hassan is such a vibe. I have never met her but she seems like a beautiful soul this one. Her empowerment quotes on her social media is what keep me going. Ah! How her kids must be proud to have her as a mom! I could use a second mom too, please! Maybe what Frederick and Zari have is just friendship right? A good one, for that matter. But honestly, Frederick seems nice and the two would surely make a really great couple. But I know you are still rooting for- you know who, but let us just be real here, do you see those two getting back together again?

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