Bad Luck Or Ufisi: Why Can't Wasafi Guys Stay In Relationships?

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Wasafi Records artistes have given us some of the most touching love songs yet, they do not seem to be able to stay in love themselves. The lovestruck Bongo musician are quick to fall in love, but even quicker to fall out of it. Is there a Wasafi Records love curse?

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We're no strangers to Diamond Platnumz obediently falling in love amid showers of passionate fireworks, bonding for a time with his newest squeeze, and then often getting fed up (mostly after he's gotten a baby out of the deal).

Diamond's list of baby mamas are stacking up like a World Cup tournament; there is Zari Hassan in Uganda, Hamisa Mobetto in Tanzania, Tanasha in Kenya, and rumour has it, Shaddy Boo in Rwanda.

Ever since Zari Hassan broke up with Diamond, it seems the curse of their break up still lingers in the business of the rest of the Wasafi artistes and those that were formerly there.

We are talking about the big shots in the label. For example, just a few years after Diamond broke up with Zari on grounds of infidelity and disrespect.

Rayvanny followed in their shoes and also broke up with his long-time baby mama, this came shortly after speculations that Rayvanny had an affair with a vixen named Nana that featured in his music video.

And just as we thought all was well with former Wasafi Signee- Harmonize, things just turned south for the Kwangwaru singer, and what is on the ground, is a break up between him and his long time Italian girlfriend Sarah who says she can’t have it anymore.

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She decried his disrespectful attitude and Harmonize's lack of appreciation for what she unselfishness sacrificed for him. She added that the super start can’t sire a child, lucky for Diamond who has gone regional and has kids in the entire East African region.

Zari’s recent visit to Tanzania after the two agreed to co-parent could be a step in the right direction to lift the curse that is haunting Wasafi artists. However, we are not certain whether or not the two might gate back together as Diamond after their separation hooked up with Tanasha Donna with whom he sired a child named Nasib Junior.

After the visit, it was all clear that Diamond was missing Zari in his life as he confessed not having met any woman like Zari ever since their break up, we hope Zari was listening.

We pray that the two can get back together because months ago, Mbosso also revealed that his love life was troubled. We still don't know what will befall Zuchu’s love life who the only female signee in Wasafi.

What do you think is happening at Wasafi, are they cursed in love? Let us know below.

Most Wasafi artists from Diamond, Mbosso to even those who left the stable like Harmonize are struggling in relationships. What could be the problem?

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