Would You Quit Your Job For A Man?

They did it!

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What is the craziest thing you have ever done for a man? The women below quit their careers for their man and they later got dumped. 
Kamene Goro

Radio queen Kamene Goro is one vocal female celebrity. She is not only bold,  but beautiful as well. Nowadays she gives young girls advice on what to do and what not to do when it comes to dealing with men. All these, she learned the hard way. If you are a fan of Kamene Goro, you probably remember her when she used to anchor news at Ebru Tv Kenya. A few months into her job, she quit her job so that she could to Tanzania to live with his boyfriend. The shock on her! The boyfriend later dumped her via a text. How sad, right? Giving it all to someone only for you to be dumped via a text? The man did even respect her enough to say it to her face.

Tanasha’s decision to quit her job for Diamond is the most common one. Before fame, Tanasha used to model for different brands. She was a vixen in one of Ali Kiba’s songs. She later met Diamond Platnumz when she was working at  NRG radio. Tanasha was among the most listened-to radio queens. And after making her relationship with Diamond official, she quit her job. Something many people thought was insane. Like how ould you quit your job she moved to Tanzania to be with her man, but things turned out ugly after he cheated on her. So Tanasha came back to Kenya with her son Naseeb Junior and since then, she has been co-parenting with Diamond.  She takes Naseeb to Tanzania once in a while to see his dad. 

Vanessa Mdee

Vanessa Mdee was among the top female artists in Tanzania. However she met an American singer and actor, Rotimi, and the two hit it off. The two have been dating for almost a year now and word on the street is that the two might be having a baby on the baby. She quit her music to go to the US to stay with her man. Many people were not pleased with the news and in an interview, she set the record straight on why she did so.

“I drank myself to sleep every night. I am not proud of it but it is my truth and I know there are people who need to hear this. I was lying to people around me to cover up and to keep the facade alive,” Vanesa Said.
“I became a person of horrible choices. I couldn’t recognise myself anymore because I woke up every day trying to just get by and I don’t want to just get by anymore. More than ever, I had moments of anxiety and moments of depression, I had moments of I don’t know what to do next because this pressure is unnatural for a human being. And what comes after that? This may come as a shock to many because I hid it so well but I was depressed and an alcoholic,”
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