Willy Paul Sues Miss P

The most crazy fanbase in town, or just unlucky?

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Willy Paul has just filed a threatening potential suit against Miss P, the woman that had accused him of sexual assault against her a few days ago. 
In the since deleted post, Willy Paul had posted a legal document on his Instagram page in the form of a statement from his lawyer to Miss P. The statement didn’t just accuse miss P of lying on Willy Paul’s name, it revealed that the allegations she had put out were extremely defamatory towards him and his reputation as a national and international artist.

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Willy Paul demanded that Miss P ceased and desisted from putting out any more damaging comments, and put out an apology to him for everything that had since happened (the story had apparently gone viral on social media with over 22 thousand shares and likes!)
What is most interesting about this saga is that this is not the first time the musician has been attacked on social media for sexual allegations, in fact, Willy Paul has previously been allegedly linked to another woman that alleged that he got her pregnant and that he had even refused to pay for child support.
Well, does Willy Paul have something that other celebrities do not? For a fan to come out to the public and make allegations so perverse just in order to get the celebrities attention is incredibly odd and unusual. Yes, he is an ultra-super star in both the gospel and Secular worlds when it comes to fame and popularity but having such an effect on his fans seems to be on his list of unwarranted attention, especially since he turned into a secular artist.
Source: Instagram @willy.paul.msafi
Source: Instagram @willy.paul.msafi

Still, it raises questions. These kinds of allegations are still incredibly damaging to his reputation.
Sexual allegations against celebrities have been becoming rather common of late, but they mostly have been happening because of women that seem to have some affinity to famous celebs that would give that to them due to the absurdity of said allegations. Just the other day Ringtone had a woman come out to the public, saying that he had gotten her pregnant and had even said that he was not going to be there for their child. However, it came out later that she was not being honest about the entire ordeal and was forced to make a public apology to ringtone, which she did. And remember the woman that tattooed Rayvanny’s name but announced a few days later that she regretted getting it done? That was a whole other thing.

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Does this mean that sexual allegations are going to become more and more common? What does this mean for other artists with similar levels of fame? Does Willy Paul have an unlucky streak or is his fanbase just crazy about him and his music? 
For now, Miss P is yet to make any more comments concerning the accusations and Willy Paul has deleted the documents from his Instagram and the situation is yet to be resolved.
What do you think of Miss P and her allegations? 

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