Willy Paul Shames His Haters

Will he ever get along with anyone?

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When he decided that he was now going to sing secular music, this took many fans by surprise as he had been famously known as a gospel singer, but that did not stop Willy Paul from following his dreams. Willy Paul considers himself a "gift from God". Only twist is, unlike Diamond Platnumz who believes he has been sent by God to save the East African music industry, Willy Paul believes he has been sent by God for the ladies.

The past years have been on the up and down for this vibrant singer. Talk about his fair share of sex scandals and when he prophesied that the lady that gets married to him would have hit the jackpot. Willy Paul is also known not to be in good books with fellow artists like Diamond Platnumz and when he was fighting with Bahati over a woman and him and Shakilla have never seen eye to eye.

However, Willy Paul is still giving his fans what they want; good music, and he doesn't seem like he will be stopping anytime soon. Having released his Gengetone track, Manyuria, which a number of Gengetone fans did not appreciate his efforts, the singer is only focused and not bothered. 

Let us look at some of the most noteworthy moments of his life.

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Willy Paul Attacks Diamond

Like most celebs that are constantly fighting and throwing jabs at each other, Willy Paul released a diss track aimed at Diamond Platnumz. He accused him of stealing the idea behind one of his music videos, and when both videos were compared, the similarities were quite undeniable.

This sparked a debate among social media users about whether or not Willy Paul had a right to be upset about Diamond's video or if he was trying to ride the wave of the latter’s success. 

So did Diamond really steal Willy Paul's song?
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Willy Paul and Size 8’s Estranged Relationship 

For years, the bond between Willy Paul and Size 8 was questionable considering that Size 8 is married and Willy Paul is not. They were so close that they called each other their brother and sister at one point in time.

However, it seems things got shaky along the way and Willy Paul took social media to call out Size 8, stating that she had blocked him on social media right out of the blue and was not even picking up his calls.

It seemed like one last-ditch effort to repair their bond, and it made fans wonder what happened between the two that seemed to have brought about such a drastic reaction from Size 8.

Did they ever reconcile?
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Shakilla disses Willy Paul

Willy Paul isn’t the only one who can write a diss track. We hope that he can also take them because that is precisely what Shakilla did. This teenage socialite released a diss track targeted at Willy Paul in October 2020.

It was supposed to be a retaliation to his disrespectful Instagram post where he had compared the teenager’s private parts to that of an elephant. It was a rather wild video that got fans and haters thinking about her parents’ reaction to the entire debacle. 

So how did they react?
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Willy Paul welcomes baby number 2

December 2020 marked the arrival of Willy Paul’s second child, a beautiful baby girl. To commemorate the event, Willy Paul posted a picture of her baby mama soothing the little bundle of joy.

The post brought about several congratulatory posts from friends and fans alike. 

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