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Willying Seller, Willying buyer?

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Willy Paul is single, ready to mingle and encouraging all the lovely Kenyan ladies who are interested to drop their submission in his DMs. Haha! The audacity! All of it! Seriously though, the singer wants Kenyan ladies to shoot their shot.

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Taking to his IG account, he shared a story in which he declared the fact that he is finally ready for a relationship and this is something interesting because in no small part of the fact that the last relationship he was reportedly in was a messy affair. Don't believe me? How about we ask Miss P?

But Willy Paul seems serious about this assertion. He was selling himself hard. Talking about how fashionable he is, how handsome a man he is which would mean any lady would be happy to be with him. Haha! I rolled my eyes just as hard as you did.

But what exactly would it be like to date Willy Paul? Have you or your girlfriends ever thought about that? Me neither so this will be a fun way for us to engage in an exercise. Makes it sound like a business interaction right? Willying seller, Willying buyer anyone?

It just got me wondering...

One thing that would actually be "the bees knees" is the fact that he says that any woman who dates him should expect him to be generous. Just how generous? Well, he is already offering an allowance of Ksh 50,000!

what I would do with 50K airtime and the business lady in me found herself rubbing her hands, plotting to set up an airtime selling business. Think about it, there are no downsides to this, just profit. Excuse me while I slide into Bwana Mkunaji's DMs real quick... Nah, I'm just messing with you... Or am I?

But beyond that, Willy Paul lives a very fast-paced life. Dating him means getting accustomed to a lot of red carpet events and award shows. That means you have to be comfortable in front of cameras because that is the life of a star.

Then there is the less glamorous p[art of that life and the camera lenses. All eyes would be on you. You walk out to the shop looking dodgy and everyone is talking. You are seen in a matatu and everyone is talking... Sheesh! The way I have come to enjoy some matatu rides... And this is where any girlfriend Willy Paul ends up with would face the pressure to fake it till she makes it.

But you would eventually be on a first-name basis with every celeb friend of Willy Paul's. And forget the entertainment events, you would also now be invited to society events... Courtesy of your boot hang. When the UN has need of Willy Paul's services or they want to make him a part of some campaign for youth, guess who would be by his side? Me... Uh... Sorry, I meant you.

Fortunately for you though, Edgar Obare has slowed down on his tea delivery business so that is a relief... Until another blogger rises up to take over his mantle... Then every aspect of your love life becomes fodder for scandal... Hai! This is a scary one... Imagine your mother being told by your older sister that she heard such and such about you and your mans?!

All these issues would be things to consider even as you slide into his DMs but perhaps you think it is going to be worth it? Then sis, try your luck.

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