Private Video Of Willy Paul and Alaine Leaked

Fans are in shock!

By  | Jul 14, 2021, 07:35 AM  | Willy Paul  | Top of The

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Gospel musician turned secular, Willy Paul, is having the worst morning of his life.

On Wednesday morning, the singer took to Instagram to reveal some devastating news concerning him and Jamaican singer, Alaine.

According to the Kenyan singer, his YouTube channel had been hacked during the night and the perpetrators had released his song with Alaine without his consent.

“This is so wrong sijui kenya ikona tabia aina gani surely!!! Someone hacked my YouTube account and released my song and Alaine without my consent. Hapa ndio wivu imefikisha wakenya??? Is this the right way ya kuishi????? Na hii sio Kiki I can tell you for free that kuna watu wako behind it kwa industry. But ni sawa. Naachia Mungu ata deal nao tu” wrote Willy Paul.

The musician has revealed that it wasn’t his plan to release the music video yet but because it was already leaked he would be releasing it earlier than he had intended to

Despite making it clear on different posts on his IG that he was not doing it for clout for the new song, many of his fans don’t seem convinced that the video was leaked.

Many have called him out given that just the other day, he put up a whole show with Size 8 just to promote their song, Lenga. Before releasing the song, Willy Paul alleged that Size 8 had unfollowed and blocked him because he had moved to the secular industry. Days later, they released their song, which has over 1 million views so far on YouTube, just 4 days after dropping it

The leaked song which just premiered, however, is already such a big hit among his fans with many admitting that Willy and Alaine have great chemistry. The two have two other songs they’ve done together and have all been hits so we predict this is also going to be a banger.

He has been releasing songs now on a row and his fans are enjoying every bit of it.

According to Willy Paul, Diamond copied his music video idea in his latest song released by the name Kamata, which has received over 4 million views since being released two weeks ago.

Willy Paul alleges that Diamond copied his video idea from his song, Nikune, which he released in 2020 with Nadia Mukami.

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