Willy Paul Disses Diamond

Accuses him of not being original

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Kenyan musician, Willy Paul is trending because of his latest song.

On Wednesday, Willy Paul dropped a lyric music video that has everyone on socials talking.

In the lyric music video called Kamataa, Willy Paul is apparently throwing shade on Diamond Platnumz for stealing his song idea.

“Wamesanya ngoma yangu…pozee…aahh naskia uduu…si bebi wamesanya vitu zangu…bebi katika washa ngaa kumbe wakenya ni mabazuu,” Willy Paul sings.

According to Willy Paul, Diamond copied his music video idea in his latest song released by the name Kamata, which has received over 1 million views since being released yesterday.

Willy Paul alleges that Diamond copied his video idea from his song, Nikune, which he released in 2020 with Nadia Mukami.

On Tuesday, Poze took to Instagram to announce that he would be dropping his new music to revenge for Diamond having copied his style. 

“#KAMATA an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth…” wrote Willy Paul on an Instagram post.

In a consecutive post, Willy Poze then referred to Diamond and issued threats saying he would chop his head off. 

“#KAMATA #SIMBA no one steals from a motherfukin King. Bomboclat imma chop ur head off!!!”

A look at both video concepts shows there are indeed some similarities but you wouldn’t know it just by watching it and unless someone told you.

In Willy Paul’s Nikune video, Willy Paul instructs his lover on how she should dance for him from the beginning to the end.

On the other hand, in Diamond’s Kamata music video, he gives instructions to a beautiful girl on how she should dance.

Willy Poze’s followers have however accused him of not having anything to do and him wanting to ride on Diamond’s fame. Others have told Willy Paul that he should just ask Diamond for a collabo instead of doing his silly theatrics.

Diamond’s Kamata video is already trending on YouTube so it would make sense that Willy Paul wants to ride on the song’s popularity to get views on his own song. 

Previously, Willy Paul was called out by Kenyans for trying to be more like Diamond, from his hairstyle to his music and how he dresses. So who’s copying who?

Diamond accused of not being original

Well, it seems that Diamond just can’t catch a break after losing at the BET awards over the past weekend. Just yesterday after he dropped the Kamata music video, netizens accused him of having copied Burna Boy’s style in the music video where he is seen lying on the floor surrounded by beautiful women on top of a sheet.

The Tanzanian singer has also been accused multiple times of copying music video ideas but each time he remained silent on the matter.

He especially received heat when his music video with Tanasha, Gere was found to be a bit too similar to that of a Brazillian artist, Iza. The allegations were so many, that they actually reached the Brazillian artist who gave his thoughts on the matter.

“Friend, can I copy your work? Me: Okay, it’s just not the same” wrote Iza. 

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