Willy Paul Asks Fans To Sign Bday Party Register

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Willy Paul through his Instagram has revealed that he will be hosting his birthday party this coming weekend and has asked those who are interested in being a part of the guest list to sign a register. Through an Instagram post, the singer officially invited everyone to his home to help him mark a new year in style. We love birthdays, especially celebrity birthdays. We love how they normally go the extra mile to impress us, their fans.

Most celebrities only announce their birthdays with many of them posting each other. Very few of them invite their fans. As for Willy Paul, he has tried to be a little bit different. He has openly told his fans to only sign a register as a ticket to his party. Many times, as fans, we get to pay to celebrate our favorite celebrity’s birthday. They normally come up with birthday posters, the venue, and the entry fee. Who does that? Mbona nilipe kukuja kuona ukikata keki? Something I don’t understand. If you are going to invite us to a party, please cater for the food and drinks, please?- Yeah, something about Africans and free food. Guilty! 

Probably a number of celebrities are likely to attend this bash. Someone who is likely to attend without failure is gengetone star Rekless who made an appearance on Willy Paul’s latest song, Manyuria. Maybe, the entire gengetone clan is set to attend.  Who knows?

This comes after Willy Paul m for the better part of the week after Miss P’s sexual assault allegations. Miss P was signed under Saldido International, Willy Paul’s record label. 

Since the allegations, Willy Paul has never commented on the issue. After so many months of fans speculating that Miss P had quit the record label, she finally set the record straight, revealing that it was true she left and gave her reasons why. What she said after that left fans in shock. She claimed that Willy Paul forced himself on her severally and she wasn’t allowed to live her life the way she wanted. According to her interview, she wasn’t allowed to interact with other artists. 

This is not the first time such allegations have been thrown at Willy Paul. A number of ladies have come out to accuse the retired gospel singer. In March this year, an unidentified person reached out to socialite Bridget Achieng and claimed that Willy Paul took advantage of her. According to the girl, she tried to reach out to different celebs in hope that she would land a gig in one of their videos.

Back to Willy Paul’s birthday, we wonder how much he has spent on this one. Machakos governor Alfred Mutua made headlines after he used almost 3 million Kenyan shillings for his party. That could be possible since he blocked an entire venue for his guests. People are talking about this party to date. We wonder how Willy Paul’s party will go down. Chances are it’s going to blow the roof! How do you celebrate your birthday? Ama kwenu hiyo ni siku kama ya kawaida? 

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