Willy Paul Advices Artists Against Pressuring Themselves

Singer admits Tanzanians are better than them

By  | Apr 26, 2021, 03:40 PM  | Willy Paul  | Top of The

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Willy Paul has come out to urge Kenyan artists not to pressure themselves with the number of views their songs get on YouTube.

He noted that such pressure is what pushes some artists into buying YouTube views.

He instead asked artists to move at their own pace instead of doing stuff just because their fans want them to do or because the other person did so.

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"Kimbia na pace yako, don't do something coz nani amefanya.. utapasuka msamba! Kama msani usiwai jiwekea pressure kama hizi," Willy Paul said.

"Izi ndio vitu zimefanya wasani wetu wanakimbia kununua views, pressure hizi mafans wanawaekea," he added.

Willy Pual. Photo: Instagram

He also asked them to work hard and should not bother themselves about other issues.

Willy Pual's advice comes after Kenyan artists were challenged to garner the same number of views their Tanzanian counterparts get within a short time.

"Itabidi tufinyilie Mejja, Nyash, Otile Brown, Willy Paul, Khaligraph, Bahati and Sauti Sol kwa booth moja watoe ngoma moja hatari yenye itabreak hizi YouTube records Tz wanaweka," one Billy the Goat challenged the artists.

The challenge comes at a time Tanzanian artists including Harmonize, Diamond, and Zuchu have been breaking records one record after the other on YouTube.

A few months ago, Zuchu become the first female artist to get over million views on YouTube in less than 24 hours, and recently, singer Harmonize has also broken the record with his new song, Attitude.

Harmonize's new song has already garnered over four million views on the video channel in less than a week.

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Reacting to the challenge Willy Paul noted that it saddening to see Kenyans making fun of their own artists.

According to Willy Pozze, Kenyans should stop making fun of their own artists since they put a lot of effort to come up with their songs.

"I see how people are making fun of their own. So sad 😞, but this is Kenya so lazima uzoe hizi tabia," the Nimelemewa hitmaker said.

"Don't make fun of ur own manze, we work so hard to keep you entertained. Ya Mungu ni mengi," he added.
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