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The time when gospel music was solely message-driven lyrics free of what we are being fed by the new generation gospel performers is long gone. Despite his modest videos, the renowned Munishi would have the entire neighborhood singing along to Malebo with his famed accordion. He vanished, to be replaced by people like Bahati, Timeless Noel, Jabidii and Hype Ochi, Size 8 and Ababukar Rabida Opondo, also known as Willy Paul, the subject of this article. We explore Will Paul net worth.

Contemporary Artists

One of the most well-known gospel performers in Kenya today is Willy Paul. Nonetheless, some Kenyans believe that his music is more secular and that he should be labeled as such. At the time this story was being written, Nandy, a Tanzanian singing sensation, and the Sitolia hitmaker's most recent duet, "NJIWA," was trending at the top of YouTube.

To classify this song as a gospel song will necessitate a great deal of effort. When Willy Paul's 2017 collaboration with Jamaican reggae artist Alaine was published, it was met with conflicting reviews.

Banned From Groove Awards

Groove Awards (Facebook)

Willy Paul and the similarly brilliant Bahati Kenya were excluded from the 2016 Groove Awards due to his musical style and a lifestyle that was allegedly in conflict with Christian principles.

Although the controversial musician received an honor at the KICC-hosted gala years later, the organizers appeared to have loosened the noose. If a source known to the artist and Willy Paul is to be believed, the accusations made against him may not be far from the truth.  

Willy Paul Cars

Will Paul (Facebook)

Toyota Mark X

Toyota Mark X The singer enjoys blasting loud music in his automobile, and he tends to favor playing solely his songs.
The singer enjoys blasting loud music in his automobile, and he tends to favor playing solely his songs.


The musician arrived at the 2017 Groove Awards in style, driving a Toyota Landcruiser Prado and making sure every moment was recorded on video. According to a source, the artist may be the owner of the car because he has been seen driving it around the area while performing his music. A Prado can cost as little as kes4 million for a used model and kes8 million for a brand-new one. 

Will Paul House 

Will Paul House  It costs roughly 35,000 kes to rent. Contrary to what some blogs claim, he doesn't own a home.

Will Paul Shows' Price Range

The artist claimed he won't accept less than kes500,000 to play in a show in a 2016 interview..

Will Paul Net Worth

Will Paul (Facebook)

The two cars that the artist values most are his possessions. If he were to sell his two machines, he wouldn't be worth more than $6 million.


There are speculations that Will Paul is married and settled. However, there are no concrete reports about who is the lucky lady because the artist seems to be a perennial dater. 
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