Willy Paul And Size 8 Reconcile!

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For the Willy Paul Diehards, it is looking like there is some great news for the people who were fearing that the iconic duo was no longer on good terms, permanently this time!
Well, Willy Paul has some news for you! It seems like the two have decided to put their differences aside and come back together!

Willy Paul took to his Instagram account earlier today to reveal some great news for his fans that were anxiously waiting! He said that Size 8 had finally stopped blocking him, made some contact with him and they were well in the process of reconciling for their fans.
Previously, Willy Paul had admitted to having been rather affected by the silence that Size 8 had been feeding him for an estimated four years before he decided to take to social media to try and right that wrong.
According to Willy Paul's many many posts, Size 8 had turned a cold shoulder on him when he switched from gospel music to secular music. He believed that she did this because she thought as a virtuous woman of God who was previously in the secular industry, she wanted to cut ties with anybody who was not involved wholly in the work of God.

Willy Paul had quit the gospel industry for two reasons. For one, he wanted to be who he truly was musically and express himself currently instead of putting on a fake and the second one being he thought the gospel industry was too toxic and it had innings that civilians would not understand went on behind the scenes.
His move was highly controversial and he received a lot of backlash from people that used to be his fans but said they would stop (there was also a smaller majority that expected this shift all along, saying that he had been partying in debauchery in int background and they were in fact, happy to see him leave the gospel industry!)
Willy Paul took to social media to announce that they were officially back together as brother and sister, saying that he secretly recorded the meeting and would be sharing the details soon. 
"willy.paul.msafiGood morning fam, some good news today. We finally met with size 8 and @djmokenya
I secretly recorded the meeting.
In my next post I'll let you know how it all went."
Another point to note, it seemed that size 8 had still blocked him on Instagram because he couldn't tag her handle!
DJ Mo commented on the picture thanking him for the meet.
I told you we can handle this maturely … ama nikufinye-lakini why record a meeting 🤔…"
Even though some fans were ecstatic that they had finally made up their differences, it seemed like most of their combined Fans came out with speculations of their own concerning the meeting, most of them believing that it was only a meeting that they put out for social media because they wanted to put out a song.

This wouldn't be too far fetched, Willy Paul has announced the incoming launch of his album and it seemed it is going to be a big one because he has been causing controversy left right and centre! l
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