Why Stivo Simple Boy Is 'Beefing' With Kamene Goro's Boyfriend


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Kenyan singer Stephen Otieno, popularly known as Stivo Simple Boy and famed for his Mihadarati mega-hit, has taken a swipe at Kamene Goro's boyfriend, DJ Bonez, over the 30-year-old media personality.

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The Kibra-based musician was recently a guest on Friday Night Live, which airs on Kiss TV and is hosted by Oga Obinna, where he revealed his undying love for Kamene.

Stivo explained that he can't get enough of the Kiss FM presenter because she is well-endowed, adding that she has all the qualities that he desires in a lady.

Further, he asked Kamene to give her a chance to be with her because their relationship would prosper.

"Kamene amebeba ngongingo. Kamene mimi nimedata kwako, njoo kwa Stevo Simple Boy nitakupatia mapenzi simple simple na mambo yatakuwa welo welo" Stivo stated.

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Further, the singer seemed to poke fun at Mombasa-based mix master DJ Bonez, who has been in a relationship with Kamene for a while now, referring to him as a boneless singer.

"Nimeskia mtu wako hana mifupa, Kamene wachana an mtu hana mifupa, njoo kwangu me niko an mifupa," he added.

Stivo has been single since he parted ways with popular content creator Pritty Vishy whom he met in 2017. According to reports, the two broke up late last year.

In a past interview with YouTuber Eve Mungai, the singer explained that he split up with his girlfriend because she was interested in pre-marital sex and he wanted them to wait until they were married to engage in intercourse.

“Yes, Pritty Vishy left me because I declined to engage in premarital intercourse. She did not want to listen to me and said I was too saved so she left for another man. Intercourse should be engaged with by married people only not playing around with anyone,” Stivo stated.

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However, according to the lass, they broke up because the singer's management was trying to control many aspects of his personal life.

According to Pritty, Stivo's management was against them exposing their relationship to the public.

“The management controls him a lot from his phone, Facebook and even his Youtube channel. After going viral, they have been mean to me, they now dislike me.

"They would delete my number and any photos I had taken with Stevo. We had messed up, but we are back together. It's very easy for him to be brainwashed, I have had to train him on how to do things. He is a very humble guy," she noted.
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