Why Raila Odinga Could Be The 5th

The story of becoming Baba

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The Life Of Raila Odinga
It is hard to live in Kenya and not know the name of Raila Odinga the enigma. Jakom or Baba has his followers popularly refer to him, has been at the center of Kenyan politics for more than thirty years.

Raila has been the Prime Minister of Kenya from 2008 until 2013. He is also the party leader of the Orange Democratic Movement one of the most popular political parties in the country.

He is also vying for the presidential seat in the 2022 general election with this being his fifth attempt at the presidency.

Today we look at Raila Odinga's background education and qualifications.

Mr. Odinga was born in a political family as his father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga served as the first vice president of independent Kenya.

He started his education at Kisumu Union Primary School and later moved to Maranda High school until 1962. From there with the help of his father Odinga moved to Germany.

While there Raila studied the German language at the Herder institution and later got a scholarship to do Mechanical engineering at the Otto von Guericke University.

He returned to Kenya five years later after graduating where he came and started his own company East African Spectre. He also held several positions in civil service among them, the group standard manager of Kenya Bureau of Standards.

In 1982 his political career began on the wrong foot after he was first put under house arrest for seven months for being linked with a failed coup of 1982. Odinga was later detained without trial for 6 years with charges of treason by the former president Moi regime.

Odinga lost his mother while in prison and he only came to learn of it two months later. He was released in February of 1988 only to be rearrested in September of the same year due to his campaign towards a multi-party state.

In 1991 Odinga fled to exile out of fear of being assassinated by the government. He returned the following year when he vied for the Langaáta parliamentary seat and won.

In 1997 Odinga made his first attempt at the presidency and came third after Moi and Kibaki. In 2002 after what was perceived to be a betrayal by president Moi Odinga endorsed Kibaki as president in an election which they won and beat Moi's preferred candidate then, Uhuru Kenyatta.

In the 2007  general election, Odinga challenged Kibaki at his second attempt in which there were allegations of rigging that led to the post-election violence of 2008

The two made a truce and formed a coalition government under the arbitration of Koffi Anan where Odinga became the Prime Minister and Kibaki the President.

In 2013 the former Prime Minister ran again for the presidency and this time he lost to Uhuru Kenyatta who was deputized by William Ruto. The same happened in 2017 when the duo defeated him again.

In 2017 however, the court nullified the presidential election and ordered for a fresh one which Odinga boycotted. Instead, he swore himself in as the people's president.

Shortly after he had a handshake with President Uhuru and they decided to work together. Odinga is now in the race to statehouse once again this time with the support of President Uhuru his former rival.

He will be facing the Deputy President yet in another Attempt to be the head of State. Whether he will succeed Uhuru or not is a matter of waiting until the 9th of August 2022  to find out.
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