Makena And Mitchelle Come Together

Find out why Makena Is The Best Daughter In Law Ever!

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Somebody once said on a silly social media post that 'you're not really best friends until your parents think you're actually dating'. That exactly what these two have. Makena Njeri and Michelle Ntalami have always had a friendship so close it bordered to a rather intimate romantic relationship! They have always been there for each other and not just that, they have never been ashamed to be linked to the other, even in a society that could be as damaging as it goes.

Well, this time Makena has shown up for Michelle once more time, in celebrating her Mother's Birthday. 
Michelle, who took to her Instagram account to celebrate her mother's day posted a picture showing her holding her mother and kissing her on the cheek saying
...she's my world. She's my queen. She's my heart. She's got a heart of gold, laughter that lights up any room and kindness beyond measure.
She may not be always right, but she always speaks from the heart which is real and true. Her advice and words of wisdom are so powerful and almost always come to be. Her determination and resilience to life's challenges amazes me till today. Nothing knocks her down. 
She taught me to never allow self-pity in my life to cancel all pity-parties and replace them with punches and payback. A gem of a lesson that has helped me to sail through life till today. And if youre ever wondering if theres a sould in this world with the purest intentions, it is her. Damn... i really did hit the mother jackpot!..."
Michelle wrote one of the most heartfelt open letters to her mother, which really if anything emphasized where she got her fighter spirit from.
Remember her birthday incident and how it affected her? Her mother had been the one who made her stand firm when the entire Internet was bashing her for trying to get services and products for free.

She had been trolled for almost a full day with very few people coming to her defence when she simply responded by saying 'Do not disturb me, you'll get your return On Investment!' Now we know exactly where that spirit comes from.
Maken also chimed in on the post comments by putting in a paragraph of her own, basically saying that indeed Michelle's mom was the purest soul and that she deserves everything. Even affirming Michelle's post saying that the two had the strongest bond she had ever witnessed herself!
Michelle responded to this by thanking her and terming her own mother as 'our beautiful mother' and cheered to more rib breaking laughter with them and their mama.

Truly, they have the most beautiful relationship between them!
Makena has been all up with the second edition of her Bold Event, an event that catered to all LGBTQ individuals in the country and Michelle has also been all over it and is for sure expected to attend!
We are all very excited for what the second season of Bold is bound to bring to the entertainment table. 
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