Wema Sepetu Battling Life-Threatening Illness


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Actress Wema Sepetu has said that she thought she'd die after recently falling ill.

She has been keeping a low profile on social media. The lass revealed this in her latest interview where she went on to talk about battling a chest related problem.

According to Wema, a few days ago she was diagnosed with pneumonia which almost left her lifeless. This is because she not only struggled with the congested chest but also unbearable pain from all the coughing.

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Recounting her pneumonia battle, Wema revealed that her symptoms included difficulties in breathing and chest congestion. While revealing that she’s currently in a better state, Wema said that she plans on making a Dua (Muslim prayer of supplication) to God for sparing her life.

"I thought it was the end of me and opted to share photos on Instagram so that in case of any (bad) news, people would know I was going through a lot of pain. Some might think it’s a joke but given how I was feeling, I saw my death. I was unable to breathe…I went through a lot of pain."
The actress' health previously sparked debate on social media after she underwent a dramatic transformation after shedding off weight.

The beauty queen cum actress has been having health issues since undergoing Gastric bypass; Wema Sepetu went on to ask her followers to remember her in their prayers due to her weak immune system.

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She further appealed for prayers from her fans saying she’s not out of the woods yet.

"To my fans, keep praying for me because my health issue is recurring; but at least I’m doing better than when I initially fell ill."

In August this year, the actress revealed that she ad yet another scare. Wema said that while taking the medication to help her get a baby, she developed an infection that could have put her at risk of getting cancer if not treated early.

She also refuted claims that she had undergone a tummy tuck in India.
Wema said she travelled to India to seek treatment for her infertility and she was advised to cut weight to increase her chances of conceiving since she had a lot of fat around her uterus that was making the process difficult.

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