Wema Sepetu Reveals What She Is Missing

She is lonely

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Wema Sepetu has revealed that she is lonely and she misses being in love. Wema Sepetu uses her Instagram to speak her mind and say whatever she feels like. After all, it’s her social media account right? Through an Instagram post, she said that one day somebody’s son is going to love her really hard. She says that she will be so loved that everyone else would get jealous. She further added that she thinks she is easy to love. Despite being happy, Wema says she misses being in love.
Wema Sepetu has dated Diamond Platnumz, Idris Sultan, and her late ex, Steve Kanumba. In the past two years, Wema has not been involved with any man. At least that is what I would like to think since she has never gone public with any other man apart from these three. 

Wema Sepetu’s relationships have all been complicated, for lack of a better word.  First, with Diamond, it was crazy. Recently, Wema revealed that she missed being beaten by her lover. Tanzanian socialite who relocated in the US, Mange Kimambi revealed that Wema is talking about Diamond Platnumz. However, Wema, never revealed the name of the lover she was talking about. All she said was that she had a lover who used to beat her whenever they had an argument and she missed it. Mange immediately went up with recepts and accused Diamond Platnumz of being abusive.

With the late Steve Kanumba, there was so much into this relationship. Apparently, these two were trying to get kids but they couldn’t. Wema in an interview revealed that she has a condition that has been hindering her from getting kids of her own. So many times, she has openly talked about how difficult it is but recently she said she had left it all to God. As fellow star Vanessa Mdee delivered her baby boy recently, she consoled Wema and told her that her time will come soon. 

Unajua mimi nilikuwa na tatizo kubwa sana kwa upande wa tumbo langu la uzazi lililosababisha nisiweze kuzaa kwa muda wote huu. Ngoja niweke wazi leo watu wajue, mimi nina ugonjwa ambao unasababisha mayai yangu ya uzazi kutoboka na kushindwa kupevusha mbegu za uzazi. 

We hope that Wema Sepetu will get her Mr. Right soon and also, get a chance to be a mother because without a doubt, she is going to make a great one. Most of the time, Wema is usually judged thanks to what she says on social media but I think she is real, and people should just take some time to understand her. Also, who doesn’t like it when someone is real about anything! 

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