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Nameless shamelessly expose wife

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Curious Kenyans on Thursday spotted some of the most hidden features in singer Wahu Kagwi.

This came after Wahu's husband and singer David Mathenge alias Nameless released her TBT video.

Nameless took to Instagram to show the world how cute his then-campus girlfriend, Wahu - now his wife - was.
Wahu Kagwi. Photo: Courtesy

In the video, Kenyans could not help but notice how the younger Wahu looked exactly like her firstborn daughter, Tumiso Mathenge.

The Instagram followers even claimed that singer Wahu had given birth to her "photocopy".

"Wahu truly gave birth to herself in Tumi," a follower commented.

"Weuh... She looks like their firstborn daughter😍," another added.
Wahi and Tumi. Photo: Courtesy

As others were keen to notice how the singer looked like her daughter, others noticed her old-fashioned dressing.

In the black and white video, Wahu is seen wearing a jacket, a white hipster trouser, and a croptop - what was previously known as tumbocut among Kenyans.

Followers were to comment on how the mother of two looked cute in the attires. Some suggested that she might have bought the clothes at the Nairobi's market popular for second-hand clothes - Toi and Gikomba.

"Wacha tu na @wahukagwi alikuwa ana tesa na hizo belly bottoms na blokobusters mangolova😂😂," a follower commented.

"...trao ni hip star ama ni Berry bolom😍😍😍😍 but ako fiti❤️," another added.

When asked if she had bought the clothes from Toi market, Wahu said: "the full wardrobe was a good combi of toi and gikosh."

The story of how Wahu and Nameless met has now been told over and over. The two music artists met while they were still at Nairobi University and that where their love story began.

From the video captured back in 1999, you could see how happy the congress was happy, and some attributed her joy she had for Nameless.

"True love you guys you're rocking in style. Inspiring many people. True love wins wauuuh 😍😍," one Delilah Hassan noted.

"This love ya Nameless, the way you psyched her up❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️," another noted.

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