“Wachana Na Single Mums”- Daddy Owen Trolled Viciously

Don't raise another man's kids.

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Daddy Owen is getting harshly trolled online for getting left by his wife of 5 years despite accepting to raise a child that was not his.

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Rumour has it that Farida Wambui left Daddy Owen for a rich 50-year-old tycoon after Daddy Owen went broke.

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Apparently, the pandemic lockdowns have severely affected the gospel musician's bank account and he's now officially broke because of a lack of income from live shows.

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A few weeks ago a source revealed the sad story of how Daddy Owen was losing his beautiful;

“Farida is secretly engaged to a tycoon from Gilgil who owns a luxury hotel. Daddy Owen only got to find out she is engaged through pals. The ostentatious engagement ceremony was hosted in Naivasha.”

Farida left her matrimonial home on the first week of December and has not returned since then.

Daddy Owen is devastated and doesn’t know what to do. He has reportedly grown depressed.

In recent pictures, Daddy Owen is seen still holding on to the remnants of his marriage. In an Instagram post he can be spotted still wearing his wedding ring.

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