Video: How Ginimbi’s Sexy Friend Predicted Her Own Death

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Among the people who died with flamboyant Zimbabwean businessman, Ginimbi was video vixen Mimie Moana. The world is shocked to learn that she predicted her own death. Dreams would come to her and she wouldn't sleep normally.

A video has surfaced showing her talking about her suffocating. This eventually happened as the car being driven by Ginimbi hit a tree and burst into flames.

“A switch turns off somewhere and all I’m left with is the darkness in my mind and each time it seems like I sink deeper and deeper and I’m scared terrified that one day I will not make it to wake up,” she says.
Onlookers who attempted to rescue the girls said that there’s nothing they could do, they just watched them scream and burnt beyond recognition.

“The girls didn’t make it out. they were just crying inside the burning car. we couldn’t do anything,” an eyewitness told Zim Live.

In the sad video, Moana questions her sanity, asking whether she is alright.

“It feels like I’m gasping for air, screaming for help but everyone just looks at me with confused faces wondering what I’m struggling over when you are doing just fine. It makes me feel crazy. What the hell is wrong with me?” she posed.
Here’s the video:

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