Vera Sidika Defends Brown Mauzo

Throws shade at baby mama

By  | Sep 10, 2021, 06:30 AM  | Vera Sidika  | Top of The

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Vera Sidika has come out to defend her hubby, Brown Mauzo after his baby mama, Fatma revealed that Brown Mauzo doesn’t support their child at all. Fatma decided to use her daughter’s Instagram to answer some of her fans' questions, of course, most of them revolved around Brown Mauzo and Vera Sidika.

It seems like Vera Sidika was still trying to digest what Fatma said because she has decided to finally unleash the wrath of an angry wife. Taking to her Instagram stories, Vera accused Fatma of lying and said that she was just chasing clout using Mauzo’s name. According to Vera Fatma has other two baby daddies and kids,  but instead, she chose Brown Mauzo, why? So that she could get followers. All these, according to Vera Sidika.

Vera Sidika went on to give Fatma some advice. She told her to raise her kids peacefully without and not focusing on one baby daddy. Ehh Vera had a lot to say, from her texts, you could tell she was…angry? 

It seems like what Vera and Brown Mauzo have is a beautiful thing and she will, by all means, be willing to protect it. Judging on she went all out on her Instagram, she is not pleased by the allegations made against her hubby. Also, it took her long enough to respond! Fatma termed Brown Mauzo as a father who shows up one minute and disappears in the next but to Vera, he is the one for her and she will defend him at all costs. 

Dramatic liar 

Vera called Brown Mauzo’s baby mama, 26, a liar, who is only looking for sympathy. Jeez, could you have guessed she is 26? She warned Fatma and told her that the truth will eventually surface and people will know the kind of woman that she is, talking about, if people knew the kind of human being you are, you will hate these Instagram streets.

Vera Sidika has transitioned from a socialite to being a wife, and a mother- well-that is almost complete. She showers her husband with all forms of praise now and then on social media. Remember when she once had an Instagram with the words, I love being married? Not once or twice, Vera has gushed over her hubby who- fully understands her.
Is it safe to say that Fatma is still in denial and bitter that Mauzo moved on? First of all, the fact that she was answering her fans' questions using her daughter’s Instagram, says a lot. It's just sad that a pretty one-year-old has to be caught in between all these.  Fatma is yet to respond to claims aired by Vera Sidika. Forget Amber Ray and Amira, do we have to brace ourselves to keep up with these two?

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