Vera Sidika Debuts Motherhood Journey On Tiktok

Rock that bump

By  | Sep 15, 2021, 02:48 PM  | Vera Sidika  | Top of The

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If you are obsessed with Vera Sidika’s pregnancy journey like me, then guess what! Things are about to get even better. Vera Sidika just announced that she is about to share her journey not only on Instagram but also on Tiktok. So for Tiktok lovers, I bet I came bearing some good news huh?  Vera is already blessing us with her bump pics on Instagram so imagine on Tiktok as well? Man! We can’t wait for this pretty girl to be here. Will they be making videos together? Some with Brown Mauzo maybe? Just the great recipe for a perfect family that we all wish we had. 
A few months ago, Vera announced that she is expecting her first child with Brown Mauzo and boy wasn’t he excited to be a dad-again! Like most female celebrities, Vera hid her pregnancy from her fans but you how Instagram in-laws are. They had already speculated that she was pregnant. Also, don’t blame it on us. Vera was dropping the signs left right and center. She kept on talking about pregnancies and cravings and we were like ahh, come on Vera, announce it already, and she did! In the most beautiful way ever. Still getting teary at the thought of that. She dropped the news out of nowhere you know, like an album from Beyonce. And indeed it was an epic album. Vera’s baby news was heralded to the us with an adventure is about to begin video shared by Vera Sidika and since then, Vera has been droping bump pics like crazy! Don’t get it twisted- I love to see it.
Anything Vera touches turns into something beautiful. She is making the whole pregnancy thing look fun and beautiful. Her spa turned two years old just recently and she was not going to let that pass. Still, she held a party for her employees, you’d want to say that she should have rested on that day right? Wrong. She got up and made the necessary arrangements for her spa’s anniversary. 

Ever since Vera Sidika announced that she is expecting her first child, I have been having recurring dreams where I was pregnant. Can you imagine? A part of me wants to blame Vera Sidika, another part of me blames myself and my highly increased biological agenda. But seriously, having a baby right now isn’t part of my career ambition or my financial stability. But then again, Vera Sidika’s beautiful bump has hacked my brain and is making me consider having my little one soon.
Vera’s hubby, Brown Mauzo has always been supportive. I mean, he even realesed an entire song to thank Vera for carrying his child. What will happen once the baby is here? We don’t even want to think about that. I am eagerly waiting to meet Vera’s daughter, I’m pretty sure the world won’t breath, I mean, this is not just a baby, it is Vera Sidika’s baby! I am pretty sure everyone else excited more than her! One last thing that I might be sure about is the fact that the baby is about to be here anytime soon! 

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