Vera Sidika Alienda Shule Kweli?

If this is how she thinks…...

By  | Jul 30, 2021, 10:16 AM  | Vera Sidika  | Top of The

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Vera Sidika has been parading her baby bump ever since she announced that she is expecting a baby girl. the socialite can’t go a day without posting herself, flaunting her bump. I mean, we are not complaining. She has every right to do that. All new moms go through that. The thought of carrying a tiny little human being, how cool, right? 

So Vera Sidika had an extra time in her hand and decided to ask her followers which method they prefer during delivery. The normal kind or through a C-section. Most followers advised the socialite to go through with the normal birth method like any person would advise. Well, when I say everyone, I mean everyone apart from socialite Risper Faith whose advice to Vera shook the internet.  

According to Risper Faith, once you have given birth,  your coochie will become big and will never return to its normal shape. Of course, that is not true. Most of us thought that Vera would know better but how she replied to Risper Faith’s advice, it seems like the two are rowing the same canoe. How would someone who has already undergone the process think like that?

Here are some of the reactions from fans who were shaken by Risper’s comment and how Vera responded. 
 Mimi Kama mwalimu wa Biology am sad😢hatuwezikuwa tunafunza watu wakienda huko nje wanaimpliment vitu zao

Waaah kumbe Cha mkufuu mwanafuu haa...😂😂😂😂elimu wewee

Nmeanza kuamini ule msemo wa big booty 

Ladies...always go natural delivery unless otherwise..but sasa hawa wawili..😢

 Wanasema muowe madem wakona Akili nyinyi mnakimbilia Matoka yaku vukisha mtoto barabara na flex nayo social media 🤣🤣🤣

 Kwani Risper alisoma Githurai? Mbona anafikiriaga na mate🤦‍♀️?!!!

Risper hakuangi sharp .....ama anatumianga makalio kama akili😩 ....🗑️

This is a good example of ‘What you say determines whether you remain pretty or not’

Vera Sidika needs to deliver this little girl already. Her pregnancy has come with a lot of controversies. First, Kenyans thought that she is not pregnant and that she is just clout chasing. She proved people wrong by sharing a video of her ultrasound. Fast forward to during the gender reveal party where she was accused of paying five thousand Kenyan shillings only. Comedian Akuku Danger accused Vera of failing to pay for the services at the gender reveal party. Today, she is asking about methods of delivery. Can’t she ask that in private? We know it is her Instagram and she is allowed to post whatever she wants but, not all people are comfortable with such conversations.

Anyway, we wish Vera Sidika nothing but a safe delivery. 

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