Vera’s Outrageous Demands In The Delivery Room

Slay, even when in labour!

By  | Jul 30, 2021, 07:36 AM  | Vera Sidika  | Top of The

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City socialite Vera Sidika has revealed that she doesn’t like pain. I mean, who doesn’t. the heavily pregnant socialite had a session with her followers where she was asking whether they preferred the normal way of giving birth or the CS. Vera has revealed that she prefers to go the CS way since she doesn’t like pain or feel the pinch of it all. She said she wants to slay when the time comes. She wants a wig and makeup on.
It seems like the mom to be had a lot of time in her hands as she took it to Instagram to ask her followers to share their experiences with delivering their babies. If you look at the stories and experiences, even you would be scared. Most people responding to Vera urged her to undergo a CS when it was time to deliver the baby.

For the longest time, after she announced her pregnancy, many wanted to know the method that she will use when the time comes. She went ahead and said that even if the Cesarean delivery (C-section) will take forever to heal, she is not in a hurry, her wound can take a lifetime if it wanted to. But what Vera assured her followers is that not in hell was she going to give birth like kawaida. 

Mambo ya kuzaa tuachie Mungu😢😢, making it out of hospital alive and holding your baby is a miracle.

 Ladies Tumwambie ukweli ama tuache?😂

Let's not tell her😂😂😂yes mama you will slay ,lakini utang'oa wig na kucha zote

 Giving birth is so messy. Whether v or CS. It’s a miracle to get out of that theater alive. Pray

Si huyu atulie tu azae, she ain't the first woman to get pregnant sasa awache story mob, every choice of delivery has its own share challenges smh

 Yes you still experience part of the Labor pain after getting your child thru CS and hizo pains you will feel them nyumbani...cheza tu hapa na our brains

 Somebody lied to her CS is an escape goat. It has it's own challenges. Either way

The baby might come earlier than expected and pass thru you v so tulia tu don't joke with childbirth

Apart from being a socialite, Vera has always wanted to be a mom. When she was dating Otile Brown, she once took a photo with a fake baby bump and fans went ahead to congratulate her. She later revealed that it wasn’t real. Everyone could see her desire to be a mom. And now she has been given the opportunity. 

Vera parades her bump on social media like there is no tomorrow. Fans are even asking if she is the first celebrity to get pregnant. however, the socialite has turned a deaf ear to what they are saying. She still posts, whether people are complaining or not. Kenyans need to give Vera a break. She is happy to be a mom, so if she wants to flaunt her baby bump, let her! 

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