Vera Fails To Pay Organizers For Her Gender Reveal!

Why are celebrities like this?

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A few weeks ago, socialite, wife, and mom-to-be Vera Sidika lit up the internet after announcing her pregnancy with hubby Brown Mauzo. She only said that they were expecting a baby and they will have a gender reveal party soon. Over the weekend, indeed, there was a gender reveal Karen that was attended by close family and friends.

One thing that people noticed at the event though was that hubby Brown Mauzo was not present at the event. Could there be trouble in paradise? The guy has been more excited over the past few weeks about the birth of his baby. So for him not to be present at the baby shower raises a lot of questions.  Anyways, back to Vera. It is alleged that she failed to pay the service providers at the event. The guys who in charge of the decorations and everything. 

Comedian Akuku Danger has called her out and told her to pay five thousand Kenyan shillings as they had agreed before the event. The total cost was 15k but the socialite only paid 10k and said she will top up the remaining 5k once the shower is done. This is according to Akuku Danger. 

On a very long Instagram post he wrote:

 Some of us it's the 'small money' that makes a difference in our livelihoods. I'm kindly asking you to pay me my balance of 5,000/= Which rightfully belongs to me!
 So this is what happened.
 Yesterday Vera called me (Amplitude Events and Marketing) 30 minutes to her gender reveal party to provide her with a Sound system for 1hour. We agreed on 15k. She sent me a down payment of 10,000/=(Swipe Mpesa message) and promised to pay the balance when the sound system gets to the venue(Fair Acre Boutique Karen). We got there albeit 10 minutes late, it was a short notice and we did all we could to be there in time. We got there by 7Pm and did the set up by 7:10 Pm the event started.
 Upon finishing my end of the bargain which was at 9Pm I asked for my balance Only for her to now assume she don't know who we are and instead sent a team of bouncers/Security, A group of her already drunk Lady friends and some guy by the name Victor to whisk us away making all sorts of insults at us . All this while she is standing there pretending to be on her phone.

The comedian went on and revealed that even after the event was done, they were never paid. Vera and his team whisked Akuku Danger and his team and insulted them. 

The question that is running through your mind right now is, how can Vera Sidika not afford 5k? I mean, the gender reveal party seemed so expensive so for her to miss 5k is just absurd and unbelievable. She is yet to make a statement regarding that. 

Here a few comments from celebrities on Akuku’s post. 


Bro nimejam nakutumia hiyo 5k hata

Weuh! Akuku wachana na shikwekwe life ni ngumu kwa Msanii, type number nikutumie…
 I know Akuku is not mad about the balance it's the treatment,and that was very very wrong

Give her time kiasi. She could be overwhelmed now. The party was just yesterday

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