It's a Baby Girl For Vera Sidika

She's over the moon

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Vera Sidika has inadvertently revealed the gender of her baby and we now know she's expecting a daughter. The revelation was made while she engaged her fans on her social media accounts (specifically Instagram) and we are truly elated for her.

She was talking about the fact that her husband has been doting over her throughout her pregnancy which has helped make the entire experience not only more bearable but an actual joy. Then boom, she reveals she will be giving birth to a daddy's girl.

We are so happy for her and her husband, Brown Mauzo. They have been the picture-perfect example of a couple that supports each other. But that is not all she revealed... She also expressed her firm belief that you can choose the sex of your child.

And she promised to share just how this was achieved by her to her fans. An entire video was coming about how to determine which gender of the child you as a mother will carry.

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Can you imagine that? I mean, I have heard that it is possible but I have always chalked it down to being a midwives tall tale. You know, those things we used to hear our aunties discuss back in the day while we were still young children. Personally, I always laughed it off.

So can you imagine how exciting it was for me to come across Vera Sidika's post where she is announcing it is actually possible? Weh! Ndio huyo mimi kwa stool nikingoja kusimuliwa hii hadithi.

And to make things even spicier, she was going to break everything down in video format so I was going to be able to YouTube the content. I had set up everything including a reminder! Vera Sidika was going to make our day. If any of it was true, I already knew how I wanted to plan out my children. The first one would be a boy, the second a girl and then I would follow that up with two more sons.

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Unfortunately, she got distracted when an interesting comment posted to a story about Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi's ex caught her eye and she decided against sharing the information. And here I was, ready with my notepad and pen waiting to take notes.

She instead shifted her focus to discussing her haters for a hot minute. And she is clearly upset about the fact that a lot of people who comment about her do so simply to attack her. But that makes her true fans that much more precious.

Talk about being gutted! Now here I am, having blocked out my entire afternoon for this. Now all I can do is hope she changes her mind. But whatever happens, I know she is still basking in the glow of love given how she and her hubby have been.

And she is definitely looking forward to watching her daughter have an amazing connection and relationship with Brown Mauzo. Maybe at some point in the future, we will even get a duet from the two of them. A daddy-daughter duet.

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