Baby Daddy Drama: Brown Mauzo Called Out

Vera's baby has a sister in dire need

By  | Aug 31, 2021, 12:29 PM  | Vera Sidika  | Top of The

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Brown Mauzo has a daughter who is Vera Sidika's unborn baby's elder sister and she is in dire need of support. Her name is Lareesa and she was born a few months ago from the union of Brown Mauzo and Laressa's mother.

Young Lareesa's mother has taken to social media to expose Brown Mauzo for being neglectful and she revealed that she is struggling to raise the young lady. She did so when she took to her social media account and conducted a Question and Answer session where there were no holds barred.

She spoke about a whole array of topics including the last time Brown Mauzo was active in baby Lareesa's life and the last items he bought for his daughter. According to the allegations, he has only seen his child a handful of times (two to be exact) and even then, it was after the mother of the child put undue pressure on him.

Another topic Mama Lareesa discussed is the fact that she was blindsided by Brown Mauzo's relationship with Vera Sidika as she was under the assumption she and Bwana Mauzo were trying to make things work as a couple and family. She, however, revealed that she bears no ill will towards Vera Sidika as she holds Brown Mauzo and only Brown Mauzo responsible for how things transpired.

She was also asked whether she gets jealous when she sees how loving Brown Mauzo is with Vera Sidika and their unborn baby but she denied that saying she is only concerned about Lareesa and her best interests.

She also added that she would not get back with Brown Mauzo nor interfere in Vera Sidika's household but she wants Brown Mauzo to step up and actually become more active in their baby's life as the young one routinely repeatedly calls out for her father.

These allegations are serious enough to give Vera Sidika pause for thought because she now needs to look at Brown Mauzo's pattern to ensure she is protected from any and every possibility.

That said, the two are still loved up and enjoying infusing their love into the atmosphere of their home as they prepare for the impending arrival of their bundle of joy. She has also revealed that she is due in November so the couple has been ramping up their preparations for the arrival of their child.

Brown Mauzo has refrained from commenting on the matter of Lareesa, he has instead busied himself with either pushing the 1-year anniversary of Vera's spa as well as simply sharing images and videos of himself enjoying the scenery Mombasa has to offer.

We can only hope that Brown Mauzo and his ex will find a way to resolve their issues and the two children can be raised in a blended family of types which allows them to enjoy each other's company and beautiful relationship blossoms from it. Can you imagine just how awesome it would be for Lareesa to grow up knowing her future sibling and getting to enjoy her father's affection equally? The thought alone makes me want to squeal.

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