Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe Show Off Their Not so Natural Gifts

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Stars love sharing their pics on Instagram, showing off their wealth, their popularity, or just how hot they are. Fine, we’ll admit that sometimes it’s OK. It gives us goals, right? But sometimes, some of our favorite divas wear really gutsy outfits that scream out from their posts.

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These celebs are known for their banging bodies and bold sense of style. 

  1. Vera Sidika’s unique taste in pants.
While some people complain about wearing yoga pants or leggings as trousers, Vera takes it to another level. Here, the sexy woman appears to only be wearing fishnet stockings along with a skimpy top. We do like how the top and the shoes match. 

Most of us worry about our bra straps popping out, gorgeous Huddah Monroe is confident enough to wear a hankie as a top. Well, when you have a body (and money!) like that, why not? Still, this is one risky outfit. Any sudden wrong move could spell disaster for this hottie. But the print is cute and so are the pants. 

In an iconic IG pic, Vera shows off her curves in this sexy red number. Its neckline is plunging, it’s translucent, and it’s made of scarlet lace. What’s there not to love? Then let’s not forget Queen Vee’s hair, nails and make-up. They’re all screaming perfection. But yes – this is one heck of a risky outfit. 
Huddah looks gorgeous in this powder blue number but it’s clearly a risky outfit. The young celeb is flashing the camera while serving us this sexy look! But she edited out the important stuff. She’s teasingly captioned this, ‘No luck for the zoomers’. Girl knows!

5. Queen Vee back again for her unique taste in pants.

Finally, here’s Vera with another one of the unique trousers. She looks beautiful though.

Which of these did you find the riskiest?

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