Vera Sidika Admits She Isn't As Rich!

Why we don't believe that, and you shouldn't either

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Vera Sidika is causing a stir once again by admitting that she isn't in fact, a wealthy woman... and the internet is losing their minds over it -but you don't have to!

In a highly detailed post on her Instagram stories, Vera decided to reveal to her followers that their estimates as to the amount of wealth she currently has acquired were actually, very off the mark and she wasn't in that place yet. She took to her Instagram page to address some people that had apparently been telling her that 'truly rich' people didn't flaunt the wealth as vigorously as she did, remarking "...I'm not rich that's why I flaunt with the littlest poorest things I have or can afford..."

From her post, it was obvious that she had been increasingly getting trolled by her haters and she thought to call them out in what was a painfully obvious sarcastic rant. This comes after she put up detailed posts about the kind of bed she required her incoming bundle of joy to be sleeping in -a royal looking cot that was going to be transported from the UK, specifically made for her daughter with hubby Brown Mauzo. She also made a point to tell the people that were irked at her extravagance to unfollow, informing them that she was going to give her child the best life she could, and in the end, terming them as ... mosquitoes.

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Vera could very well be the very definition of 'all out' -but not just in terms of her lifestyle, her sense of style or the sort of parties she throws, -even her rants on Instagram tend to be well... ruthless! One thing you cannot deny about her is that besides her voluptuous looks, Vera Sidika has managed to build a life for herself so grand, that she can actually afford to tell off the haters as furiously as she did, much as it may seem harsh to many onlookers.

Hailing from Mombasa and thrown into the limelight at the ripe age of 23 when she starred in P-Units 'You Guy', Vera has accumulated wealth in such a short time, she has bypassed the very people that helped her shoot to fame in the first place with a mammoth estimated worth of over KES 250 million!

The Veetox, Vee's Collection, and VSSPA CEO is no joke. Vera Sidika boasts quite the number of cars and properties that in all honestly, might earn her the bragging rights she is so keen to exercise. She is said to be the owner of a number of impressive Big-Boy cars that she uses at her own leisure including a BMW X5 that's estimated to be around KES 6.5 million, several New Edition Range Rovers and two Mercedes convertibles...just to name a few! She is also said by reports to be the proud owner of several pieces of property that she exchanges at her own accord that includes property in Beverly  Hills, California, a penthouse in Kileleshwa, a mansion in Kitusuru and another house in Nyali, Mombasa. Talk about big balling.

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Granted, some people seem to take her posts rather seriously, but with her growing empire (and family), Vera Sidika is not about to actually struggle any time soon -she's been a happy chap all year!
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