Vanessa Mdee Ready to Be A Mama?

She says she wants to make babies after marrying her actor boyfriend.

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Vanessa Mdee looks like she’s ready to make babies with her new fiancé, Nigerian-American actor Olu Rotimi Akinosho. 
The ‘Power’ actor and the super star singer recently got engaged. Vanessa shared beautiful photos of the couple together. She also shared a pic of the massive sparkling engagement ring she’s now wearing.

Vanessa is ready for a new stage in her life.

On Instagram, Vanessa shared that she’s starting  “Day 1 of Forever”. 

It certainly sounds like she means it. As does her soon-to-be hubby. In a recent interview, Rotimi confirmed that they are looking forward to welcoming their first baby together. The couple are hoping to do so as soon as they get married.

During an interview with Vanessa’s younger sister, Mimi Mars, Rotimi stated, 

“I’m trying to make sure I get her off this thing so that we get baby number one.” 

To that, Mimi Mars responded,

“I know right, it’s about time. I want to pressure both of you so that by the end of the year we have a little dancing baby.”

Vanessa has already made major changes.

A few months ago, Vanessa Mdee announced her shocking decision to leave the music industry. Considering her popularity and success, many were left surprised. Her fans were understanding, but many weren’t. Her ex, music maker Juma Jux, criticized Vanessa for leaving her career behind. His comments implied that she’s left her music career for her fiancé. 

Most others trust her decision. The legendary artist, Lady Jaydee, came out in support of her. She said not everyone can persevere and undergo the tribulations of the music industry. It can be a cutthroat environment. She also mentioned that people should respect and support Vanessa’s choice.

Anyway, Vanessa will surely have more free time on her hands now. She intends to spend as much as possible with her fiancé. The duo has in the past shared heartwarming pictures of themselves. Rotimi recently made Vanessa cry with an adorable gesture of affection on her birthday. He had delighted her with a surprise set up in their garage, complete with balloons, birthday cake, and roses. He even included a large portrait of the gorgeous singer to make her feel even more special.

While we’re all for giving Vanessa her privacy and respecting her decision, we can’t help but hope that she’ll surprise us sometime soon with a song or two. She’s definitely a very talented singer and we’re always ready to hear more from her. Until then, we’re keeping an eye open for the wedding!

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