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Your turn will come

By  | Sep 30, 2021, 09:38 AM  | Vanessa Mdee  | Top of The

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Vanessa Mdee is the new mom in town! Just a few days after announcing her pregnancy, she recently shared photos of her baby shower, and then last night, she dropped the bombshell, that she has already delivered her beautiful baby!
So many celebrities filled the comment section to celebrate this beautiful new mom in town! From Mwalimu Racheal, her sister Mimi Mars, Anne Kansiime and Kajala Fridah. One comment though stood out. Wema Sepetu’s comment where she said that she is jealous, in a good way, don’t get it twisted. Wema Sepetu has openly talked about how she is struggling with trying to conceive. To which Vanessa Mdee consoled her and told her that her time will come and she will share her beautiful testimony.

Wema Sepetu been too shy to talk about her issue on her social media or even in interviews. So many people have been telling her to get a baby already. That makes me wonder, why would you openly tell someone that time is not waiting on them and they should get married or have babies? I think it is rude. Never judge people’s decisions and how they decide to live their lives. 
If only I was able to have a child I would have given birth a long time ago, but I can’t. No, I will not blame God for the situation I am currently in. Should I keep telling you people how much I struggle day and night to have a baby of my own, is that what you want?
Unajua mimi nilikuwa na tatizo kubwa sana kwa upande wa tumbo langu la uzazi lililosababisha nisiweze kuzaa kwa muda wote huu. Ngoja niweke wazi leo watu wajue, mimi nina ugonjwa ambao unasababisha mayai yangu ya uzazi kutoboka na kushindwa kupevusha mbegu za uzazi. 
I think people should just let Wema be. When the right time comes, she will proudly deliver her baby. Congratulations to Vanessa Mdee and her new bundle of joy! She named her baby Seven! By the way is it a boy or a girl? Word on the street was that she was expecting a boy. Seven sounds like the name of a girl though, but it is actually a beautiful name! I am pretty sure she is going to make such a beautiful mother alongside her fiancé, Rotimi. These two make the beautiful couple ever!

As for Wema Sepetu, just like Vanessa Mdee said, her time will come. No situation in this life is possible. Whether it will be after one year or two or maybe even three, Wema Sepetu will be a mother someday. Maybe to even so many kids, it doesn’t have to be one. The good thing about her is that she is keeping the faith, and someday, we will come to celebrate her child someday and she will be the most beautiful mother ever! 

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