Umemeza Gilbeys Macho Inakaa Head Lights!

Fan to Karen Nyamu’s latest pic

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So our Muslim brothers, sisters, and cousins are celebrating Eid al-Adha. Most celebrities came together to wish Muslims happiness, joy, and love on this special day. Well, for some, things did not turn out as she wished they would. In a post, she shared on social media, she wished all Muslims a happy holiday. The problem now was the camera person. Whoever they are, they did her dirty! Karen Nyamu’s eyes looked funny, but probably because of the night mode. In the photo, she was wearing something that looked like a buibui and she seemed to be in the company of others, as they were enjoying food.

Karen has a lot of fans, no lie. But after she posted this photo, even the fans had something to say about it. they were not impressed. Here is the photo shared by Ms. Nyamu and below are what fans had to say about it. 

auna picha ingine ya hii sherehe siz

Where did you find strength to post this image? Inakaa mshtuko wa moyo kama ile iko na chupilee saa hii

Nilikuwa nimeona kama wachawi at first

Nilikuwa najiuliza haka ni kamama kagani huko kisauni kumbe ni madam prezo camera man amechoma around hii

Bangi na pombe haina mchezo haki look our youth president ,this is you nowumechoma haki

Am not too good in English but today am feeling Perhaps  after seeing this pic...i will end my crush on you..umechoma leo my lovely wife to be

Umemeza gilbeys adi macho zinakaa headlights za Peugeot

You just look like Wahenga na Wahenguzi..

You are over excited over pilau or something hence uko full light weka dim mama

Haki haukai wewe

The eyes are shouting about yestarday night

Tumacho funny kwani unanifikiria kunitumia kakitu

Karen Nyamu made headlines after she was dating mugiithi singer Samidoh. She trended even more after Samidoh chose his wife, Edday, over her. The singer made a public apology to his wife and revealed that whatever they had with Karen Nyamu is over but he will still be a father to their son. Months after the incident, Karen posted a throwback video of her and Samidoh and fans thought the two were back together only to realize that Karen was just attention-seeking. Ms. Nyamu ran for the position of Nairobi Women Rep in the previous elections but she lost. She vowed that she will still try again. 

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