Celebrity Kids That Look Nothing Like Their Parents

They said 'nope'!

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Hilarious Tweets about that child you reared coming out looking exactly like their father have been making several rounds on Twitter of late.

Have you ever been in a situation where you witness a parent with their child... who looks absolutely nothing like them? Maybe the parent is dark-skinned with light-colored eyes but their child looks like they're half white? It's not even just a Kenyan type of thing; some TikTok's have gone viral with a black parent putting up pictures of their child who literally looks Asian! 
What interesting about this is that almost 100% of the time, the parent you haven't seen is the one the child looks like! 
It's as if they said copy and paste and left the other parent to their own.

Well, here we've put up a number of celebrities kids that decided not to look a single thing like their parents.

Betty Kyallo and Her Daughter, Ivanna

It's no secret, Betty Kyallo loves her daughter Ivanna like nothing else in this world. In fact, seeing Betty putting up stories on Instgram without her daughter is definitely one of those things you'll never see. 
I guess one of the reasons she loves showcasing her lovely daughter's face is because the two look magnificently alike with each other!
Betty transferred everything about herself from her chunky cheeks, her deep-set eyes, and her bright smile! 
check it out for yourself! Ivanna looks nothing like Dennis Okari, she just straight up stole all of her mothers' lovely features!

Zari Hassan and her kids

Admittedly, Zari must have some pretty weak genes or Diamond has the strongest genes of all because her children do not look anything like her.
Her features do happen to be rather out there in terms of uniqueness and standing out in the crowd, so maybe that's why?
Even her first children, her sons, have all come out looking like her first husband Ivan Semwanga, and decided to not look anything like her husband!

Anthony Gichuru and His Kids With Julie

Clearly, when Julie Gichuru decided to start building a family with Anthony, she also humorously decided to literally have each and every one of them steal her genes and forget the rest of his!
Don't get us wrong, their kids are incredibly adorable, but they literally look nothing like their father!
Nevertheless, they are obviously a very happy family and it's obvious with how peaceful and loving they all tend to be with one another. Julie is, by all means, a great mom, she loved sharing all of her family escapades on her Facebook and Instgram accounts!

Khaligraph Jones and his sons

Khaligraph Jones has grown so much since back in the day when we saw him as a young rapper on TV. Now he is a father to two adorable sons who, surprisingly, also look nothing like their dad!
They both apparently decided to come out looking everything like her mom and we are not mad at it! They are both obviously well-loved and taken care of balls of sunshine, with, of course, their dad's don't care attitude! We love to see it!
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