Tik Tok Star Kinuthia Narrates His Struggles As A Crossdresser

The struggle is real.

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Tik Tok star Kevin Kinuthia has revealed the myriad of challenges that he has faced for wearing outfits not commonly associated with men.

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During a recent interview with Diana Bahati, the internet sensation disclosed that he has found himself in awkward situations on several occasions.

According to Kinuthia, many people do not understand that he prefers to put on ladies’ clothes, accessories and apply make up to market his brand.

He divulged that there was a time when he was stopped from getting into the gents because the person who was manning the door thought he was a lady.

“A few days ago, I went to Village Market with my friends. After sharing a meal, I decided to go to the washroom before I entered, someone told me to stop but I did not listen to him. I lacked words to express myself. What would I have told him?

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“I dressed normally on that day. I wore jeans and a t-shirt and did not have make up on. So, apart from my nails and hair, I looked normal,” he stated.

Kinuthia also revealed that he always has a tough time at the entry point of malls and buildings where one has to be searched by a security guard.

“When I get to a mall, I always stand outside for a moment and wonder whether I should approach the female security guard or the male one. I might go to the guard and he might turn me away like there was I time I was told to use the other line so I just got in.

“Sometimes, when they tell me to go to the ladies side, I just oblige because I don’t want to argue with them. Actually, that is even better because most of the female guards know me so they allow me to enter the mall without searching me,” Kinuthia narrated.

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He observed that things were harder for him when he was starting out because many people did not know him and this has changed over the past few months because he is easily recognized these days.

Asked how he gets his female attires, Kinuthia explained that he prefers to shop online though on some occasions, he visits the boutiques physically to try buy the clothes that he needs.

The 20-year-old Tik Toker also revealed that he has received a lot of support from his family members, especially his mother, who bought him an iPhone 11 that he used to shoot content in his early days.
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