Thee Pluto Reveals Plans To Marry Felicity Shiru

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Popular YouTuber Robert Ndegwa Kamau, known to many people as Thee Pluto, has revealed that he plans to settle down with his girlfriend Felicity Shiru.

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Pluto, who is famed for his Loyalty Test segment on YouTube, where he exposes partners who are unfaithful, let the cat out of the bag during a Q & A session with his fans.

One of his followers had asked him if he will marry Shiru and he responded in the affirmative noting that she is not only his girlfriend but also his best friend.
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However, it did not escape people's attention that he said he "would" and not he "will". While the latter communicates certainty, the former is conditional. But then again, maybe they are reading to much into it.

The couple met in June 2021 during the World Rally Championship (WRC) - Safari Rally Kenya and seemingly fell in love when they first saw each other. Roughly a month after the event, Pluto introduced Shiru as his girlfriend during an interview on Eve Mungai's YouTube channel.

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However, the couple broke up towards the end of 2021. At the time, Pluto claimed that he had foreseen the breakup since Shiru was not all that into him.

Further, he explained that he decided to end things with her because he felt that his worth was not being appreciated. Pluto also divulged that when they were dating, Shiru was very secretive and this really bothered him because he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

"I am the one who left after getting tired with the relationship. I felt like the energy was not being reciprocated back the way I wanted and that’s why I left. But then Felicity was apologetic and we continued working together and being friends.

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“When we were dating, I knew nothing about her, I never even knew her friends. Something else, I was never in her life because she was secretive. I never knew what she was up to, in terms of goals and what she wants to achieve, it was very private at that time until it reached a point I felt that we were just together in that relationship to do the videos that we used to do,” Pluto stated in a video that was posted on his YouTube channel.

As fate would have it, Pluto and Shiru patched things in January this year and announced that they had rekindled their love via a video on the former's channel on the video-sharing platform.

The couple has stuck together since then and they are deeply in love, judging by their videos, and we can only hope that this fairy tale will have a happy ending.
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