The Story Of Flossin Mauwano Explained

Who is Flossin Mauano?

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Flossin Mauwano
If you’ve ever walked or driven around the streets of Nairobi then you’ve most likely come across the word/phrase Flossin Mauwano spray-painted on a number of walls in the city.

The story behind the phrase is quite interesting actually. As the phrase grows in popularity, we have discovered that the phrase is spray painted by 30-year-old Stephen Mule, who goes by the alias of Flossin Mauwano.

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What really pushes Flossin Mauwano?

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When writing a story social media is sometimes not the best place to get your information. On March 14, 2022 while Flossin Mauwano was trending for having managed to spray-paint the Nairobi expressway there was some misleading information about the man himself.

According to information shared by one Twitter user. Flossin Mauwano spray-paints his popular phrase on walls that are next to blackspots along major highways in Kenya.

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According to tweeps, this is because Flossin witnessed both his parents get knocked down by a car while crossing the road. So, this has been the driving force behind Flossin’s continued spray-painting of Nairobi. Flossin came back to the limelight after his graffiti was spotted on the Nairobi expressway. 

These claims by Twitter users were not all the way true, even though they got some bits of his story correct.

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Flossin Speaks his truth

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Well, the real reason why Flossin Mauwano does his paintings was explained by the man himself during an interview with The Standard. During the interview, Flossin noted that it was indeed witnessing his parents getting hit by a car that inspired his project.

However, the story gets a bit more harrowing as he notes that their death was catalysed by violence in 1997 brought about by the elections that year. He notes that his parents were hit while trying to run away from a crowd of rowdy youths.

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“In 1997, I watched my parents get knocked down on the highway (along Langata Road) while escaping an irate crowd of youths following the election violence that erupted that year. The vivid picture of their lifeless bodies has forever been embedded in my head since then,” Flossin note. 
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