The Huge Amount Governor Joho Gave Tanasha And Masauti To Shoot Music Video


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Singer Masauti and Tanasha are among many artists who have greatly benefited from Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho’s gifting hands. 
Joho has been in the news year-after-year for always supporting and pushing entertainers. In a recent interview with Radio Jambo, Mombasa singer Masauti revealed that he has a good relationship with Joho and normally socialize and exchange ideas. 
“I usually chat with Joho via Whatsapp and one day while I was in Mombasa I checked on him but he was in Nairobi then," Masauti narrated.
“He told me he really needed to talk to me but he will look for me when he gets back to Mombasa. When he came we shared a meal and asked how he would help me and that is when I told him that I was struggling to finance my music videos. Joho has played a big role in my music career and he is actually the one who paid for all my music videos off my EP.”

Tanasha teamed up with Masauti recently for their new banger "Liar" off his debut album "001". Asked how much the governor gave him for the collabo with Tanasha, Masauti openly revealed that 800K was injected in that project and it came from Joho. 
“I would like to say Governor has really helped us and I am really grateful to him because it would have been tough for me and may God bless him. He does such things because he loves music, he has helped so many artists in Mombasa" he added.  
Joho as supported so many artists especially, those coming from his county. In 2018, singer Ommy Dimpoz narrated how Joho saved his life saying that he paid a huge medical bill totaling to almost Ksh 3 million after being diagnosed with throat cancer. 

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