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There are celebrities in Kenya who understand the importance of fitness and eating healthy and then, there’s the rest. Not to throw shade, but some Kenyan celebrities need a wake-up call when it comes to watching their weight.

Not these celebs, though. These famous personalities understand that good looks and health doesn’t come by easy. They know that to get that dream body, they have to put in the work.

Here are some of the fittest female celebrities in Kenya:

Talia Oyando

Photo: Instagram

Popularly known as the night nurse, Talia Oyando is probably the fittest Kenyan celebrity in our list. When it comes to hitting the gym, this gal sure knows how to show off and boy does it show on her body! If you want to keep up with her workouts, you can follow her on Instagram where she posts nits and pieces of herself in the gym. 

Fashionable Step Mum

Photo: Instagram

For a mother of 7 kids, Fashionable Step Mum aka Catherine Kariuki is body goals for real! She takes her health seriously and is always sharing the things she eats and doesn’t eat with her fans. Fun fact about Fashionable Step Mum is she used to be fat! No, seriously guys and no shade. She even shared her before and after pics on Instagram. According to her, she maintains her body by hitting the gym 3 days a week.

Natalie Tewa

Photo: Instagram

Natalie has been serving us body goals ever since she came into the limelight. A tiny waist and curves is what every woman dreams of and she’s got just that. It didn’t come easy though. She is well known to work out and eat healthily. Before she went MIA on her socials, Natalie would share bits of videos on her Instagram and YouTube channel working out. 

Chiki Kuruka

Photo: Instagram

Just by looking at her, you will know that Chiki takes her work outs seriously! Even though she doesn’t hit the gym as often as you’d imagine, she keeps fit through dancing. She is so popular in the fitness world that she was part of the slim possible show that focused on helping people lose weight. Way to go Chiki!

Yvonne Okwara

Photo: Instagram

Ever wondered the secret behind media personality Yvonne’s smashing body? Well, frequent visits to the gym will do that to you! Yvonne has on many occasions taken to social media to share her workout routines and we love her for that! How can someone be 38 and look that smashing? Not fair at all!

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