The Cost Of Mutua’s Bday Party (Exclusive)

Millions of shillings at play!

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Alfred Mutua’s birthday party is currently what everyone is talking about. The party went down over the weekend and for sure, the governor marked his new age in style! Did we also mention that he turned 51! 

The party went down over the weekend and boy, if you missed it, you missed a good one! The party was held at a Nairobi hotel that is quite not affordable to just any common mwananchi. 

Kelebrity got in touch with the management of the hotel and asked for the charges for hosting a birthday party for around thirty people. (Keep in mind that Alfred's party had more than 30 people) To which they got back and revealed that it was two million Kenya shillings. Now let me break it down for you. Blocking the entire venue, just like Mutua did, plus 20 guests is two million Kenya shillings. Mutua’s birthday party had more than 20 people. So probably it cost him more than that. The cost of food is four thousand five hundred shillings per plate.

If rounded off, the total cost amounts to close than 3 million Kenyan shillings. If you add the cake, the food, and drinks, you are likely to get to that amount. In this time and age of the pandemic, people have gone broke and jobs have been lost but the governor can still afford not one but 3 million shillings to throw himself a birthday party. Lanes!

Alfred Mutua is not the only celebrity who went all the way to throw a big party. Most of us don’t even take note when it is our birthday. We just let it pass like any other day. However, there are celebrities who throw two birthday parties in a year. 

Vera Sidika once threw a birthday party in Dubai where she allegedly spent a couple of dollars on some of the luxurious hotels. On her arrival to Dubai, she had hostesses waiting for her with a birthday cake and a bottle of champagne. I wonder how much that cost her.

After the cheating scandals in 2016, Zari and Diamond’s relationship was on the rocks. Many people talked about them while they called upon Diamond to act right, I mean, who cheats on Zari? If you can on Zari, definitely you can cheat on anyone. Diamond decided to silence his haters by buying Zari a mansion in South Africa for her birthday. What is the most expensive gift you have ever received on your birthday? He went on ahead and wrote a really long caption saying that was a message to all his haters who claimed he was broke. Of course, Zari had to post the news on social media. Even I would!

As for Eric Omondi, he just did not spend a lot of cash when it came to his ex Chantal’s birthday. Eric Omondi would always go all the way just to please his girlfriend. On one of her birthdays, he too had a whole cabin crew sing happy birthday to Chantal inside a plane. Talk about being extra.

If there is one thing that celebrities like, it's to make headlines. They spend a lot of money to ensure that they throw killer parties. If you have managed to live 30 years and above and you have never had an opportunity to throw a grand party, maybe next year may be a great time to do so. Please don't forget to invite us! 

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