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Let fans be fans

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Sauti Sol’s lead singer Bien Aime Barasa, on Friday, February 3, 2023, asked the girl who was recorded twerking on him from behind to come back and twerk on him again when he is not about to go on stage.

Speaking in an interview, Bien stated that things transpired as they did because his wife Chiki thought that the lady was distracting him a few minutes before he went on stage. Something which would disrupt his concentration.
He further stated that he goes to strip clubs with his wife and they both get lap dances and has also had other girls twerk on him before and his wife doesn’t have a problem with that.

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"Let fans be fans, how fans behave, let fans be fans, I actually don't think if that chick came and twerked on me and Chiki was there and there was no other like no activity I was meant to be doing like going on stage, I don't think Chiki would have told her to leave,".

"Kwani its the first time? I have ever been twerked on?" He questioned outraged Kenyans.

 "I go to strip clubs with Chiki tunapewa lap dance sisi wawili na tunaenda home, we are cool like that" he shared.

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"Chiki did her job very well na mimi nilihandle vipoa, sikuenjoy sana yani nilismile tu nikaangalia nyuma nikasema oh kuna mtu hapo nyuma yangu ok sawa nikasonga mbele"
After a video of Bien's wife Chiki Kuruka shooing away a fan who wanted to dance with her husband emerged online, she became a trending topic.

Netizens' views to the video were split, with some praising her for the deed and others disliking her because they perceived it as a sign of insecurity on her part. They stated Bien is well-known and has followers who would be eager to speak with him on such events.

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In an interview with Ankali Ray, Bien offered his opinion on the situation and defended his wife, Chiki, by stating that in addition to being his wife, she also serves as his manager, and as such, she had every right to act as she did.
“Chiki was just working. She is my manager so she acted in her capacity as a manager. Don’t look at that incident and see it as my wife being extra. She was my manager at that point,” he said. 

He continued by saying that the woman was a distraction for him because he wanted to concentrate before taking the stage, which is why he stood aside to allow Chiki and the security handle her.

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“She was supposed to make sure that I had no distractions before I went on stage. I had to be focused and that girl was a distraction, so I moved in front politely and Chiki and the security handled the girl.”
When asked if that generated conflict between him and Chiki, the singer responded that it did not because they were both trying to provide for their families.

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The couple wed in 2020 in front of a small group of close friends and family. However, they dated for more than six years before getting engaged.

The two met at an event in Nairobi through Emmanuel Jambo, a mutual friend. In the Sol Family documentary series, Bien acknowledged that before finding Chiki was single, he had thought Emmanuel and Chiki were dating.

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