Tedd Josiah: Raising a Child Alone is Not a Joke

Struggles with parenting amid tough times

By  | Apr 26, 2021, 01:40 PM  | Tedd Josiah  | Top of The

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 Celebrated music producer Tedd Josiah has taken to Instagram to shine the limelight on the struggles of men bringing up children as single parents.

He said most times; the misconception downplays the men's issues that a man can figure everything out on their own.

His statements come when women struggling to bring up children on their own are celebrated and criticized in equal measure, but little is ever said to acknowledge men who also bring up children on their own.

Josiah, who became a single parent following the death of his wife Regina Katar in 2017, ​said it is not true that men can get through anything [because] they are tough or that life favors them.

In what he described as a message from his heart, the music producer said, "Raising a child from infancy alone is not a joke, and it’s triple tough for a man to raise an infant with no knowledge."

In the message on Instagram that sounded like one that mirrors that of many single parents, Josiah said what makes the job even harder is the fact that one has to learn on the job and still provide for the child.

Further opening-up, Josiah said he had to take time off work for a month after falling sick.
"Whether you’re a man or woman raising a child alone and working, once you take time off, it’s as good as your family starving, regardless of whether you’re a mom or dad."

Josiah went on, admitting that the thought of dying has scared him, like many other parents.

"Scarier is having to face your mortality and wondering what would happen...."

His post sought to change the narrative that men have it easy, whether facing hardships like single parenting or lack of money from losing work.

"This society thinks men got it good. Now with that info, please think again."

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