6 Most Educated Tanzania's Artists

Their education level will shock you

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It is no secret that Bongo Land produces some of the best music artists in Africa. Though everyone knows them for their music production and performance, little is known about their education.

For that reason, in this article, we are going to look at the education level of some of Tanzania's top music artists.


As of now, Wasafi signee, Suhura Othman Soud alias Zuchu is the most educated Tanzanian singer at Wasafi records.

The Sukari hitmaker holds an Advanced Diploma in Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (CEBA) which she pursued in India.

Speaking to Wasafi, she said after completing her Diploma in India, she went back to Tanzania to pursue her music career.

Venessa Mdee

Venessa Mdee is a perfect illustration of beauty with brains. The songstress holds a highly decorated education certificate.

Venessa attended the Arusha Modern High School for secondary education before flying to Nairobi for a university degree.

In Nairobi, Venessa attended the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, where she pursued a degree in Law.

It is at the university, that the Never Ever hitmaker fell in love with music which later became part and parcel of her life.

Diamond Platnumz

Wasafi boss is not only one of the top talents Tanzania has ever produced but also one of the fasted upcoming business moguls in the country.

Though he is talented and successful in his endeavors, Chibu does hold any high school or college certificate. The musician reportedly only has primary education.

Diamond, however, holds an honorary degree from the University of Dar es Salaam. He was awarded the degree for exporting Tanzanian art and culture according to reports.

Ali Kiba

Ali Kiba is one of the multi-talented Tanzanian superstars, he is good at both soccer and music. Though he loved soccer, he chose to pursue a career in music.

His love for music began while he was still at Upanga Primary School, Dar-Es-Salaam where he used to dance and sing to his fellow students, according to reports.

Though reports show that the singer attended high school, there is no indication that he went to college thereafter. Reports say, he began his music career immediately attaining secondary education.


There is no much history about Mbosso's education level but as many other Tanzanian artists, Mbosso is said to have attained a high school education. He did not, however, proceed to college since he wanted to pursue his dream as a musician.


Harmonize. Photo: Instagram

The Konde Gang CEO attended Mkundi high school where he finished his secondary education in 2009. He did not proceed with his education after high school.

After finishing his high school education, he moved to Dar es Salaam where he did odd jobs such as hawking before venturing into music.
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